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On March 20,the Sutter Superior Court issued a judicial order [hereinafter deated as JO restricting court business to essential functions to protect public health and ensure the ability to deliver fair and impartial justice to those coming before the court.

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A gruesome murder. A convenient suspect.

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A questionable confession. Who really killed Leola Shreves? By Matthias Gafni Jan. At that moment, the Yuba City police detective faced a gruesome mystery. The small house in this city 40 miles north of Sacramento, usually neatly kept, had been ransacked.

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Police found glass shards, utensils and a smashed television on the kitchen floor. In the bedroom, blind chat yuba city intruder had yanked photos off walls and ripped a door from its hinges.

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He had left Shreves next to her bed — her red aluminum walker by her side — after breaking her jaw, neck, back and 17 of 24 ribs, shattering her teeth, strangling her and almost separating her ears and scalp from her skull. She had fought back, investigators concluded, and likely scratched her attacker.

The assailant, they believed, had also cut himself badly as he crawled through a broken bedroom window.

A trail of blood was left outside the home on Park Avenue. Police figured that Shreves, who lived alone, had been killed on the night of Jan. Her Jan. After she was found Jan. News of her vicious murder shocked many in the city of 67, Detectives chased a few le. But investigators had no suspects — that is, until Morawcznski heard the scream from the house next door.

He and another officer walked over, knocked and encountered year-old Michael Patrick Alexander. A day earlier, Alexander, a socially awkward video-game devotee, had flagged down officers and volunteered a possible lead. The officers had responded doubtfully, saying the fence was too sturdy to make the kind of noise he described.

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Now, as police spoke to Alexander a second time, they noticed that his hands were shaking and that he had a small wound just above his left knee, records show. The young man said he had scraped his leg on a door in his house. Over the course of nine months, The Chronicle investigated what happened.

This is based on more than a dozen interviews and thousands of s of documents, among them police reports, court filings, transcripts of interrogations, search warrants, autopsy and DNAand school and medical files. Leola Shreves had lived alone in a one-story home at Park Ave. Born in in Illinois, she loved her large family, which grew to include 22 great-grandchildren and 13 great-great-grandchildren. Fiercely independent, she stayed active, had a sharp mind and still drove a car, shuttling herself to doctor appointments, neighbors said. Shreves was a skillful cook and baker, according to news reports after her death, and loved to read books on history.

She fed them all. Michael Alexander was born in northeast Washington state. He, his mother and older sister moved to Chico Butte County inthen 10 blind chat yuba city later to the house next door to Shreves in Yuba City. Records show that, at age 3, he received special education services for communication. In third grade, testing of his verbal IQ measured him as intellectually disabled, blind chat yuba city a score in the first percentile.

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A psychologist assessed him with post-traumatic stress disorder, attention deficit disorder and depression. Shreves and Alexander had rarely interacted. Shreves once offered to help the Alexanders find their lost cat. To do that, he needed a judge to a warrant.

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So he set out to make the case. And so far, it was a thin one. His mother would later say she took the photo of her son when he was yawning. In middle school, he learned, Alexander had been suspended multiple times for fighting with students and teachers. He was expelled from the school inrecords show.

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At p. Less than an hour later, SWAT officers with guns drawn woke the Alexander family and seized numerous items, including clothing, shoes, a computer, video game consoles and a baseball bat. He asked if he would be handcuffed. Detectives would later say they found these statements suspicious.

Eighteen minutes after the warrant was served, as midnight neared, Alexander, wearing pajama bottoms and a T-shirt, sat in the Yuba City Police Department interrogation room. Such statements can change the direction of cases and lead investigators to rule out other suspects. In murder cases, that percentage was almost two-thirds. And half of the false confessions the Innocence Project identified involved suspects 21 years old or younger.

Experts in the field say police interrogation techniques place psychological pressures on suspects that can prompt an innocent person, particularly one who has a diminished mental capacity, to confess to a horrific crime.

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Instead, detectives used what Leo says is a common tactic — relying on a U. Supreme Court ruling, California vs. Behelerthat allows police to conduct voluntary interviews as long as they tell people they are not under arrest and can leave at any time. Alexander consented to an interview.

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Yuba City police and Sutter County prosecutors refused to release a transcript of the session, but The Chronicle obtained a copy. Speaking to Morawcznski and his partner, Detective Jason Parker, Alexander initially denied any involvement in the killing, according to the transcript. He said such episodes had occurred during school fights, but that he had the problem under control.

His last fight, he said, was three years earlier. The detectives then introduced a series of ruses. Later, they would tell him his fingerprint had been found next to the broken window. Read the interview: Read the full transcript of the initial police interrogation of Michael Alexander. There are really two sides to you, they said. Maybe, Parker suggested, your split personality committed the crime and you blacked out? When they returned, Alexander said he had spoken to his other side, who denied any involvement.

Morawcznski then started a new line of questioning, asking Alexander to speculate on what may have happened between the killer and the victim.

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Alexander responded that the intruder may have knocked on the front door and asked to come in, before Shreves let him in and he killed her. How, the detective asked, did the intruder murder her? When the interrogation stalled again, Parker requested a DNA sample to compare to blood and other evidence collected from the crime scene.

Alexander allowed a swab blind chat yuba city the inside of his cheek and for a few strands of his long black hair to be plucked. Such lab tests take days, if not weeks, to complete. But about 15 minutes later, in a staged maneuver, the detectives left the room and returned, saying the of the test were back. As Alexander sat in interrogation, police were at his house 2 miles away gathering the final items from the search warrant. His mother, Audra Alexander, a nurse, did not immediately realize Michael was gone.

Officers had told her they wanted to speak to her son, she said, but only because he might be able to help them find the killer. My heart hurts knowing that he was there alone and so scared. Sometimes he spit gum out, he responded. Maybe his hair blew over the fence, or was carried next door by the family cat. In the end, the specter of the DNA evidence, though fabricated, seemed to wear Alexander down.

He told Parker he was scared. It was, said Leo, a classic false confession. It was about 2 a. Asked where he killed Shreves, Alexander repeatedly said it happened in her living room. Shreves was killed in her bedroom. Crime scene photos show the living room looked almost untouched after the murder, except for some blood on a wall. Parker seemed to understand the precariousness of the confession. His suspect had implicated an alter ego. But, as Clinkenbeard started investigating male patients with suspicious injuries, he got a call at a.

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Yuba City police believed they had their man. On Jan. Three days later, Alexander, who had been ased a public defender, asked to see Detective Parker, and was taken back, alone, to the police station. He wanted to recant his confession.

This time, he was read his Miranda rights and waived them, records show. Police had run the DNA profile against friends of Alexander, as well blind chat yuba city parolees and hospital records, blind chat yuba city compared it with a federal database of convicted felons. No matches came back. Detectives suggested he had an accomplice, and Alexander started talking again, wildly, trying to pin the killing on someone else. The murderer was East Indian, or white, black or Hispanic.

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Later, he said he punched the assailant in a bid to stop the attack.