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Name: Jayne
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What is my figure features: My figure features is thin
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By Laura Hood. Where Laura talks about navigating life, church, community, singleness, boy chat, dating, etc. Boy chat will find boy chat episodes with friends and interviews with those who have been through hard times in these areas who want to help others with what they have learned.

Listen on. Where to listen. Apple Podcasts. Google Podcasts. Pocket Casts. What is Church Boy Chat? How is God Growing You? Laura boy chat about growth and how it isn't always pretty. Listen to some of her journey through this year and how there is a time for all things, good and bad. Open Communication. On this episode Laura is ed by Danny talking about the importance of open communication.

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Communication that requires patience, empathy to ensure growth in a deeper relationship. Laura launches her first solo episode! Listen to learn more about the different responses to trauma; when stresses or hurts happen how do you respond? In this episode Laura covers the different responses, how to identify them, and heal from them while pointing you back to God to your life. us as we take a walk down memory lane and pull back the curtain on both our humble beginnings and growth of the podcast.

Boy chat listen for what Laura will be doing with Church Boy Chat moving forward as she continues to host the show. It's not going anywhere! Debating App Dating. App dating: love it or hate it?

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In boy chat episode, Laura and Cat give their different perspectives on both the merits and drawbacks of app dating. Listen for some real talk on how it can cause feelings of insecurity, and stick around for our breakdown of a few example profiles while we do some swiping in real time!

Get ready for two hot dating topics. Commitment can be a scary idea for many, and boy chat idea of soulmates is heavily debated. Listen for our takes on both, and we'd love to hear from you on where you're at with them, as well! You've probably heard of the classic standard of the "Proverbs 31 Woman" and perhaps the "Ephesians 5 Man. Kick back while we dissect the ideas of these Biblical staples and what they mean to us!

You've probably heard the old-school term "equally yoked" thrown around in Christian circles.

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We unpack the idea of dating someone who shares your faith, and Danny brings another perspective to the table. Bonus material includes Danny doing his best Cat impression. If you've been through a breakup or know someone who has, then this episode is for you. Cat talks a lot about a recent breakup, Laura's an amazing friend through all the processing, and we keep going through a couple of mic issues. This episode is one for the books!

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You read that right. Welcome to a fun, spin-off episode of Church Boy Chat with two boy chat special ladies. Church boys, if you've ever wanted an inside window into the varying perspectives of single church girls, here's your boy chat And this one's for our fellow church girls out there, too. Kudos to Caleb for opening up and sharing about the ways in which God has been recently growing him through hard things. If you've been through a breakup or experienced loss of work -- especially during this season -- boy chat this episode is for you!

One of our lovely listeners sent us a topic request, and this episode is the result!

Shadia asked for our thoughts on how to be a positive influence on others, and we're bringing you our take on discipleship and dating. A few fun anecdotes may or may not come up in the process Let's face it, the media has a big impact on shaping our society and our culture.

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But what is it telling us about dating and relationships? Paul sat down to give us his take on the matter and even wrote an intro scene boy chat the episode. Fans of "The Notebook" may have strong feelings about this one us as we challenge in real time our idea of what romantic love means, as well as the common idea of "falling in love.

Describing "The Proverbs 31 Woman" with Ross. To kick off our new season, we have a very special episode for you. It starts with us getting Ross' perspective on what "The Proverbs 31 Woman" really means. And it ends with him applying the term to the special lady in his life, Michelle. Before the episode wraps, he makes a big announcement about his plans for their future together.

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Spoiler alert: She said yes! Dealing with Changes. We're all dealing with a lot of change at the moment, and change boy chat hard. us for a conversation about processing change and the importance of being in a good place with yourself and with what's going on.

We promise it relates to dating! Two super fun topics to talk about in one convenient episode! But seriously, can anyone else relate to having worked through issues related to vulnerability and body image? We discuss the fears and insecurities that can latch on to these areas of life and the ways in which God can grow us through them. And as always, this one's for the church boys out there, too! On this episode we talk with our friend Nate about sex. Boy chat discuss the serious double standard of sex and sexuality for men and women and the weight of sexual immortality vs other sins and treating your body as a temple.

Matchmaking in the Church. In this episode with talk about the qualities we look for in others when matchmaking. We also talk about the positives and negatives of matching in your church. Feel free to share boy chat podcast with your friends, comment, rate us and subscribe to Church Boy Chat! We wanted to take a break from our regular topics on dating with respect to our Brothers and Sisters in the black community that are hurting, and have been hurting and silenced for too long. In this episode with talk with our good friend Krishane about her views and life experiences.

We are excited to share this with you and hope you listen with an open heart to learn leading to better actions.

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Love Language. We all have heard the term 'Love Language', but what does it entail?

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And does it look the same for everyone? In today's episode of CBC we talk about all of the love languages, how we can feel loved by them, and how we love others through them. In this episode of Church Boy Chat we what a deep and open conversation with our friend Jonas about spiritual growth in past hurts. It was such a pleasure to talk with Jonas, and honestly we could have talked for hours.

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We hope you enjoy! On this episode of Church Boy Chat we talk about the dangers of comparisons. We talk about rejoicing in who you are, who God has made you to be and boy chat time of life that you are in. This week we chatted with roommates and friends Henry and Jonathon about Bro Code in a church setting. We had so much fun with them, this episode is filled with laughs and stories of lessons learned. Shout out to Henry who has been with us since the start; helping us out with all of our sound issues! Christian Cliches. We are talking about those little cliches everyone uses or refers to when talking about relationships in the church.

Are they all ready bad?