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There's nothing like entering your late twenties in a longterm relationship, surrounded by bridal parties and first dances on Insta-Stories, to make you realize most people still regard marriage as the metric that defines your success as a couple. And since our office gained a few more diamonds this year we're averaging nearly one engagement per month this year; love is in the air!

So let's clear the air: Jonah and I want to marry each other. Speaking for myself, I'm unbelievably excited to someday be legally bound to him and celebrate that milestone with friends and family. But I've never considered a wedding to be an accomplishment read why Emily Post said you should never say "Congratulations" to a bride-to-beor something that will validate my partnership—so what's the rush?

I recently had a conversation with a divorced friend about what she wishes she had considered before getting married, and she said, "We didn't have any conversations about why we wanted to get married—it was just the next 'step' after moving in. We already live cashmere chat sex, are fully cashmere chat sex to each other, and don't have any strong religious affiliations, so isn't marriage kind of obsoletefor us at least? I don't have the answer for you—but I do have a starter kit to get you thinking about love, relationships, sex, and that spark. Trigger warning: This article talks about sex, in a healthy and inclusive way, but still there's lots of sex chat.

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If you find sex to be triggering for you, you may want to skip this edition. We've all evolved since the days of hiding paperback romance novels. Thanks in part to Fifty Shades of Grey 's timing with Kindle reader advances and the casting of Penn Badgley in Youit's now socially acceptable if a tiny bit embarrassing to announce a crush on Christian Grey or Joe Goldberg. Dipseaa new sexy audio app with "stories that set the mood and spark your imagination" is the next evolution of the paperback, for women who have probably never cracked the spine of a book graced by a half-naked man.

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Subscribe here! My advance copy of Three Women coming out July has been making the rounds in my friend group because, as soon as I read it, I needed someone to talk about it with. Lisa Taddeo's book documents the true stories of three women's sex lives and fantasies, over the course of ten years.

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There's an under-age woman who sleeps with her high school teacher, a suburban homemaker whose husband refuses to kiss her, and a restaurant owner whose husband likes to watch her have sex with other men read an excerpt here. The three stories couldn't be more different at surface-level, but they also beautifully intertwine though Taddeo's storytelling, as the women openly share their deepest insecurities and dreams.

Come summer, it'll be all anyone's talking about— preorder it now so you get it by the release date!

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Until then Miriam Toews' novel Women Talking beautifully captures women's voices, as they seek cashmere chat sex liberate themselves from an impossibly difficult situation. If you can't be a fly on the wall of a stranger's home, the next best thing is New York Magazine 's recent collection of essays on the subject of marriage. The essays jump around between ruminations on marriage in pop-culturephotographsand first-hand s of fightskidsand secrets. Last week, I asked on Instagram if you had any questions about sex and dating. Thousands of you responded with everything from frustrations about hookup culture, how to be more open about a decision to be celibate, how to warn a friend her new boyfriend is less-than-ideal, vibrators.

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But close to three-quarters of the questions were variations on the same topic:. Considering the of questions that came in, I briefly considering polling everyone before turning to my own friends. After speaking with queer women, women with children, single women, women in both longterm and brand-new relationships I learned: Everyone feels like they aren't having enough sex, and everyone defines "enough" completely differently.

Some friends defined "enough" as matching their partner's libido, others defined it as "once a month," while another complained that she and her boyfriend can't find time to have sex "everyday.

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Here are a three ways to get out of a sexual rut in a longterm relationship, should you want to:. One-hundred, and one? And don't even get me started on the articles on how to "Blow his mind. At the time, Joanna Coles was still at the helm, and though empowering and iconic, wasn't churning out anything that felt inspiring to me personally.

The magazine is almost unrecognizable since Jessica Pels took over last October. Yes, it still suggested I try something called "The Bounce House" that looked uncomfortable for everyone involved, but it was also full of interesting long-form pieces and advice I wanted to dog-ear, not chuck.

I, for one, just renewed my subscription.

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Should we talk about sex? Do you want more cashmere chat sex articles discussing it and more of the questions you asked over Instagram? Does it feel completely off-brand and a bit awkward here? Let me know in the comments or in the Facebook group here.

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Next week, Hammer Museum is hosting a free screening of the documentary, Ask Dr. Ruthabout the famous sex therapist and Holocaust survivorDr. Tickets are available here. And Stacks House is opening Wednesday. Similar to Museum of Ice Cream meets Financewith themed rooms that address tips for budgeting, tackling debt, and achieving financial security and are Instagram-friendly, of course. Our Editor's guide to the best things to eat, do, and read this week. Bigger Bites. Monthly Beauty Buys.

At Home. Paper Goods.

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Five Things. Ask Emily.

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LInks I Love. Crave or Save. Personal Posts. Weekday Wardrobe. Products in this post may contain affiliate links.

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