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Why do Mormons so want to be considered as Christians when they do their best to convert Christians to their belief system?

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Screenshot from Missionary Chat taken Oct. In the chat function was added, providing missionaries a new way to answer basic questions about their beliefs.

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Posted by Keith on Apr 30, in Blog 51 comments. We received an e-mail from Bob Betts who works with Concerned Christians in Mesa, Arizona about a new website that the Mormons have that is deed for those who are interested in Mormonism. Through this new investigator web siteit is possible to log on and chat live with a Mormon missionary. I logged on and chatted with Jason. It is long, but a quick read and well worth the time. Be sure to pass this website out to other Christians so that chat mormons can keep the LDS Missionaries busy hearing the truth.

Information provided in this session is to provide assistance only and is not an official statement of the Church. Keith: How do I get the window to stay scrolled down? It keeps jumping up every time one of us posts a comment. Keith: Bummer.

Without the sacrifice Jesus made we would not be able to return with Heavenly Father. Jason: We open in the name of our Heavenly Father and pray to Him. However as stated before we do this in the name of Jesus Christ for he is the bridge of our relationship to God. Jason: We believe that God hears our prayers. However God and Jesus are one in purpose so he also hears our prayers. Jason: I know that if you pray to God. Jason: This passage is found in the Book of Mormon.

This book was translated by a modern prophet. The true matter is that Christ has done this for you, are you willing to accept His message and come unto Him? Jason: By repenting of your sins chat mormons Him and striving to follow the counsel that He and His chat mormons have established. Jason: This gospel has been brought to us through a living prophet. Who guides and directs the Chat mormons of Christ even today.

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Jason: The closest way to get to Christ and develop chat mormons relationship with Him is to follow His example and teachings, which have been restored to us today by a living prophet. At the beginning of the conversation you said you could. Am I confusing something? Jason: I apologize if this is confusing if I did say you could direct your prayer only to Jesus Christ I apologize.

Jason: The personal relationship we establish with Jesus Christ chat mormons mormons by following the perfect example He set for us. Jason: Because Jesus Christ knows who you are and what you are feeling, have felt, and will feel, He has a personal relationship with you. Jason: When praying to our Heavenly Father you would first open in His name. Jason: He is calling upon the name of Christ to speak with God, and glorify God. Verse 2 is how all the saints everywhere call upon the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Jason: It is not as if you can just pick one verse of scripture and choose to believe that, and not the other.

For it mentions God in the next verse. Jason: Does it matter? For they are the ones sinning. Are you going to follow the chat mormons of sinners? Jason: How is this verse supposedly proving your point that we can directly call upon Jesus Christ in prayer and not ever mention God? I am just asking you to give me your impression of the fact that Stephen directed his prayer to Jesus as he was chat mormons martyred.

Jason: Our purpose is to bring to you the truth of the Gospel. Are you willing to pray to God and find for yourself if this Gospel we preach is true? Keith: This is interesting. If I pray through Jesus, where do my prayers go? Jason: I know that the gospel of Jesus Christ has been restored to this day through chat mormons prophet Joseph Smith, by the power and revelatioin of God. I would invite you to pray about this to our Heavenly Father, and ask if it is true.

Keith: That would be nice if you could clarify who I can pray to.

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You seem defensive and unwilling to answer my questions. Jason: If you will do this I know that you will receive and answer, and promise you that by acting upon this revelation that you get you can recieve a greater peace in your life. Chat mormons Think of it this way. When you are done for the day and leave to go home. Jason: I think this is a good point to end our conversation, I have answered the question on how to pray, will you please do so? God is goodjpu. Hey Keith — Great Post. After reading through the exchange a couple of times — I noticed something interesting — you asked him several questions trying to understand how to pray through Jesus without praying to him, and then took him to scripture which is plain as chat mormons.

I think it is cool that he saw your point through honest questions and clear scripture. If bible bashing means letting the scriputure speak for itself and prove its own point — Keep on Bashing Brother!

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You would think all this talk of the one true church, they would be able to withstand a little scrutiny. Guess not. Grace and Peace…-Eric Hoffman.

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I think he thought of you as the one who does not understand him… This is it. I laughed when I read through. BUT in reality, it is sad, I think.

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Internet conversations are not as profitable as personal, I think. Do you see what im saying or am i just rambling jibberish? The boy obviously sincerely believes what he is telling you and you seem to simply be arguing with him about the particular wording of a few verses. The fact is that the bible is never really clear about who is God and who is Jesus. The old testament repeatedly refers to God when meaning Jesus, and vice versa.

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Is there really a difference. I really wonder what your object is. If a person can find peace and pray to God, or to Jesus, or whatever, why do you care? Keith,Check out Mathew chapter six, especially vs 6 and ; John 13 and 14; John 23 and Does Christ instruct us to pray to him or to the Father? Am I wrong? I'm pretty sure that you should be ashamed of yourself.

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All you were trying to do was throw anti mormon versus at him. If you are not willing to read all the information you shouldnt be allowed to give your opinion on things. Stop being so narrow minded. Maybe if you were to open your ears you would undertstand better, or eyes which ever.

Either chat mormons you are disrespectful and rude. As well as really narrow minded. Maybe you should just visit with missionaries and read the book and pray about it how ever you decided to do it. Than write about the outcome. The Church is true. I know this because I have prayed.

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I know if you pray with faith and true intent ; you will know too. It's that simple,just try it, have the courage,and an open heartwith nothing holding back. He will answer you and you will knowwithout question. You will be astonished. I was.

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Alex, I did ask God in prayer. He told me that the LDS church is not true.

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