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Use the team chat to talk about your projects and find collaborators for whatever you are working on. Not a member? You should Up.

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Or we may end up chatting about something else entirely! Make sure you log in and the chat — where it goes is largely up to you. Our Hack Chats are live community events in the Hackaday.

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If time zones have you tied up, we chat with hackers a handy time zone converter. What was once a simple electromechanical device that a human would have to read in person is now a node on a far-flung network.

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Not only does your meter total up the amount of electricity you use, but it also talks to other meters in the neighborhood, sending data skipping across town to routers that you might never have noticed as it makes its way back to the utility. While all this sounds great for utility companies, what does it mean for the customers?

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What are the implications of having a network of smart meters all talking to each other wirelessly? Are these devices vulnerable to attack?

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Of all our senses, the sense of touch is perhaps the most underappreciated. We understand and accept the tragedy that attends loss of vision or hearing, and the impact on the quality of life resulting from olfactory and gustatory sensations can be severe. Haptics is the technology of tactile feedback, which seeks to leverage the human need for tactile experiences to enrich the experience of dealing with the technological world.

Haptic feedback devices are everywhere now, chat with hackers have gone far beyond the simple off-balance motor used since the days when a r was a status symbol. Of all the things that were around to terrify our ancestors, lightning must have been right up there on the list.

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Sure, the savannahs were teeming with things that wanted to make lunch out of you, but to see a streak of searing blue-white light emerge from a cloud to smite a tree out of existence must have been a source of dread to everyone. But for as much as we know about lightning, there are plenty of unanswered questions about its nature.

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To get to the bottom of this, Greg Leyh wants to build a lightning machine of gargantuan proportions: a pair of foot 36 m tall Tesla towers. Each story tower will generate 8.

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As you can imagine, there are a ton of engineering details that have to be addressed to make a Tesla tower work, not to mention the fascinating physics going on inside a machine like this. Greg will stop by the Hack Chat to answer our questions about the physics of lightning, as well as the engineering needed to harness these forces and call the lightning down from the sky.

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In our technologically complex world, standards are a double-edged sword. While they clearly make it possible for widgets and dood to interoperate with each other, they also tend to drift away from their original intention over time, thanks to the march of progress or even market forces. Started amid a Wild West of competing proprietary synchronization standards, MIDI quickly became the de facto interface for connecting electronic musical instruments together.

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And as it did, it moved from strictly pro-grade equipment down the market to prosumer and home users, fueled in part by the PC revolution. Tim s us on the Hack Chat with hackers this week to talk about his experiences with MIDI, and to help us understand all the ways we can work with the interface in our builds.

Nostalgia seems to be an inevitable consequence of progress. Advance any field far enough into the future, and eventually someone will look back with misty eyes and fond memories of the good old days and start the process of turning what would qualify as junk under normal conditions into highly desirable collectibles.

In some ways, those who have been chat with hackers by the computer nostalgia bug are lucky, since the sheer of artifacts produced during their period of interest is likely to be pretty high, making getting gear to lovingly restore relatively easy. But even products produced in their millions can eventually get difficult to find, especially once they get snapped up by eager collectors, leaving the rest to make do or do without.

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He has embarked on some pretty intense builds to recapture a little of what early computer enthusiasts went through trying to build useful machines. Tube Time will us for the Hack Chat this week to answer questions about all his retro recreations, including his newest work on a retro video card. Be sure to bring your questions on retro rebuilds, reverse engineering, and general computer nostalgia to the chat. We treat them like black boxes, which they oftentimes are, but what lies beneath the inscrutable packages of electronic components is another world that begs exploration.

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But the sensitive and fragile silicon guts of these devices can be hard to get to, requiring destructive methods that, in the hands of a novice, more often than not lead to the demise of the good stuff inside. To help us sort through the process of getting inside components, John McMaster will stop by the Hack Chat. John is also big in the reverse engineering community, organizing the Mountain View Reverse Engineering meetupa group that meets regularly to discuss the secret world of components. us as we talk to John about some of the methods and materials used to get a look inside this world.

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