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Job opportunities to get paid to talk to lonely people is on the rise and you might just want to catch the wave while the surf is up. We are genetically wired to be social creatures.

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Sometimes all you really want to do is check your feelings with someone else to get an opinion about whether you are thinking rationally or not. And sometimes, just hearing yourself talk aloud is enough to sort through your feelings.

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Some people can spend time with a group of people and feel lonely, others might hardly ever see anyone and feel lonely. Loneliness is not so much to do with who is around us but is often more to do with how well we feel accepted, needed, wanted, cared for.

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It would be great to chat with you about things that will help you to feel less lonely and more accepted, needed, wanted and cared for. We are all more than just a physical body, we also have feelings, emotions and a spiritual side to us.

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We really need to think about how to help the whole of us and not just our physical bodies. Here are some suggestions people have found helpful….

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Why are you feeling lonely? It is good to think about why we feel like we do? Have we always struggled with friendships, has getting on with people been tough since school days or has something changed more recently?

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Think about what it is that you are actually wanting and needing, what does it look like? Are your expectations reasonable or too idealistic?

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Do you always feel lonely or it mainly at certain times of the day? Where have you looked for friendship?

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Are there things you enjoy doing or visiting, meeting people with a similar interest to you is a great way of becoming less lonely. We often want people to be interested in us, but often that begins by showing interest in them — be patient, because the opportunity to talk about you and your views will occur — but to start with let them talk about what they think.

Helpful apps for times when you are feeling lonely

Chats for lonely people about the spiritual you Do you believe there is a God? Have you ever spent time trying to learn about who Jesus is, what he did and why he did it? When people believe that Jesus loves them and is interested in them it gives them a bigger chats for lonely people of the world around them and of what life is all about.

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Often we are looking to find in other people want we really are deed to find from God — someone that is always with us, who loves us, is interested in us, cares about us and who wants us to talk to Him and get to know Him. The more you get to know Jesus the more you will know and understand how much he cares about you and what is happening in your life — Find out about Jesus. This is not failure — the more we can take away the pressure from ourselves of having to try and find someone who likes us in every situation — the more we can begin to realise that being loved by Jesus, and thought important and ificant by him is enough for us in some situations to free us to feel okay about time spent alone.

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