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In Chinahowever, popular messaging apps such as WeChat and Momo are packed with features that go far beyond sending texts and photos. Created by the company Tencent, WeChat boasts almost million monthly users worldwide. Its features go far beyond messaging, voice and video calling — users can also use it to shop, interact with branded s, play games, transfer money to peers via WeChat Pay, and pay for goods and services via WeChat Wallet. Named after the red envelopes filled with cash that Chinese people give china chat app friends and family members during the Lunar New Year, users can use Red Packets to gift money to one another year-round. A Red Packet can be distributed among the members of a group chat, with an option to give a randomized amount to each recipient, adding an element of luck to the process. Originally a desktop messaging app created inQQ is also owned by Tencent and has more than million active users, of which more than two-thirds are mobile users.

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Chinese top social media sites and apps in

As the name suggests, it originally functioned as a simple messenger app — a Chinese equivalent to WhatsApp in essence. It china chat app holds various ificant stakes in other international app names Snapchat, Fornite. Tencent was reportedly on the brink of purchasing rival popular messaging app WhatsApp in Video clips and functionality to find other users followed, then voice and video calls, as well as Facebook-like Moments feed.

We can also add shopping, the ability to hail taxis through Didi Chuxingand mini brand apps run entirely within WeChat. Indeed, its reach is so complete in China that it is even used to facilitate communication between judges and litigants in Chinese court cases and for the citizens of Guangzhou china chat app store their ID cards.

Its userbase grew alongside functionality. Within 14 months it had climbed to million registered users; six months later this had doubled.

10 most popular social media sites in china ( updated)

Eventually the WeChat app overtook the then dominant Weibo, climbing today to over one billion monthly active users, a figure which continues to edge upwards. Init crossed the same threshold for daily active users. Make data driven decisions and optimize your app strategy. In markets where Facebook and Twitter are active — thus excluding the home market — users are able to sync up contacts from the aforementioned apps with WeChat, to encourage uptake. This push was not considered to be a success — India, where WhatsApp remains the most-popular messaging app, is one high profile example — despite a concerted push into the still nascent market inalongside several SE Asian markets.

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International user s were pegged at million in An impressive figure at the time, though the lack of any updated figure since suggests stagnation. Inevitably for an app in control of so much user data, there have been questions over data security also. Use the contents menu or scroll further down for more in-depth analysis, including more about WeChat user growth, the role it plays in multiple facets of society, and why it has Apple worried. Source: Walk the Chat.

Source: Tencent. WeChat counts over one billion active monthly users — a threshold it crossed in the early days of As of Q4it counted 1. The fastest levels of growth were seen between and Growth over seems to have slowed, though not to a great degree.

4. tencent video: the king of online video

This is perhaps to be expected. It is hard, therefore, to see how much more it could possibly grow without a more successful international push than we have seen to date. Some estimates peg international WeChat user s at between and million. Tencent is reticent to provide user s broken down by country.

Smartphone apps

Data source: Statista and Tencent. Tencent announced in early that daily active users of the app had climbed to over one billion. It might be worth noting that the s WeChat publicise tend to refer to s rather than users. One user might use multiple s — though that does not greatly detract from the heft of these s.

In a chart published in JulyeMarketer pegged mainland Chinese monthly active WeChat smartphone user s at a little under million They predicted the of Chinese WeChat users would rise to million by Source: eMarketer. WeChat does not top the most-downloaded list, however — quite possibly because it has been downloaded and installed so many times already. In Januaryit lagged in china chat app place, with the global app ofTikTok, topping the chart. As of Aprilit had fallen to 10th.

Key wechat user statistics

WeChat does not make the top mobile apps in terms of revenue, with stablemate Tencent Video in front here. QQ an QQ Music also make the list, as does karaoke app WeSing finding precise revenue for many of these apps can be difficult it must be noted, with Tencent not tending to release by-app data — the source here uses App Store and Google Play data. Much, he continues, is likely to be from the Chinese diaspora aiming to stay in touch with those back home.

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Further international growth is unlikely to be fostered by news such as the University of California warning its students not to use WeChat in Chinaas posts could be used against them by edgy authorities. Peak WeChat usage occurs in the age group, as tends to be the case across messenger apps. It has not been ever this; there has been a shift over time — with the peak shifting from the ly dominant to the group between and We also see a higher proportion of older age groups using WeChat, across the board.

Notably the proportion of users in the age bracket is not too far off matching year olds. Indeed, if we look to the proportion of data usage ed for by the WeChat app, we might note that the older users get, the china chat app the proportion of data usage expended on WeChat. WeChat clearly serves a more prominent part in the lives of older users than other apps favoured by younger ones.

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WeChat statistics covering the Chinese New Year period in found that those born in the 90s ed for the greatest share of messages. Data source: ChinaChannel. We see familiar app trends here, as usage levels are more concentrated in those who are younger, earn more money, and are educated to a higher level.

Source: TechNode. We see even the lowest income bracket reporting usage of a third. Perhaps the most ificant factor is educational attainment, where those who were not able to pursue anything beyond compulsory education report notably low usage levels, compared to those who are able to progress further.

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Without the ability to cross reference this with other indicators, we can only speculate, but it may be that this less-educated bracket is roughly analogous with the oldest age bracket — with opportunities for and commitment to higher education progressively increasing in China over the decades.

This market of silver surfers can clearly be of value to brands and media outlets, then.

Calls, chats, and more

Overs most-commonly use the thumbs-up. Finding up-to-date information on WeChat demographics can be a tricky task. The latest reliable gender breakdown of WeChat app users seems to date back to — since when we know a lot of developments have occurred. A solid proportion of china chat app chat app of WeChat official s report being able to cut costs through their usage of the platform, as opposed to using propriety apps.

In Septemberit seems WeChat reduced the barriers to non-Chinese businesses opening business s on the platform. Whereas ly international businesses had to operate through a domestic intermediary, they are now able to directly assume control of s targeting the Chinese market. Mini programs are one of the key channels through which brands can reach prospective customers through WeChat — marrying the benefit of a ready-made audience with the china chat app cost and process of these versus a full-blown app.

Over 1 million mini programs had been developed by the end of It was reported in that the average user opens four mini programs daily.

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These can be longstanding or temporary. According to the annual CAICT China Academy of Information and Communications Technology WeChat report, around two thirds of users believe mini programs are more convenient than traditional china chat app with a similar percentage believing they could take their place.

A Jisu App survey breaks down mini programs by sector, finding that clothes and shoes is comfortably the largest — ing for nearly a third. This is followed by what would appear to be a quirk of the Chinese market: fresh fruit and vegetables it is hard to imagine this category ing for close to one in five apps in North America or Europe.

Monthly active users of leading messaging apps in china

Whether this is driven by those in cities who are not able to easily access these vitamin-rich goods, or those in rural settings who are simply using WeChat to carry out their traditional business is unclear. Living goods and transport come in third place. Fashion also le the way in terms of content, followed by travel and news.

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The highest levels of WeChat mini program traffic are reported by lifestyle services, at million over July This is followed closely by million for e-commerce, and million for travel. Source: Jing Daily. As of Januaryover 1. Total mini program transaction volume over came to billion RMB. Alongside the everyday, we see surges in WeChat mini program shopping over particular periods, such as the mid-year shopping festival actually created by Alibaba in first decade of the s.

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Source: Luxion. We also see a shift in terms of the age of those using mini apps. This, interestingly, goes against the general trend for the age of WeChat app users. In it seems the share of WeChat mini program users belonging to the youngest demographics went up.

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The proportion of users note — not the absolute of users, which we can safely assume climbed in nearly every bracket above the age of 25 declined. This is with the notable exception of the age group, which in fact overtook the grouping as the most prominent users. There is not a great deal in it, however, with something of a plateau for users belonging in the three brackets between