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As kids, we were taught that strangers are bad people, and that we should not talk to them under any circumstance.

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I know I did. From the time that my boys were old enough to play outside, I used repetition, role-playing and threats to get them to follow this simple rule.

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People will tell you that you are not to talk to strangers as they will reject you. There are many different philosophies in the MLM industry today, and many are good and some are not so good. You need to fin what works for you. But the one thing that will not change is the Truth, and all that comes with it.

Don't talk to strangers

The Truth is, talking to strangers can be one of the best things you could do for your business. Anyone who tells you different does not understand what it takes to Succeed in this mlm business. I have always taught one thing about people that you do not know, better known as the Cold market:.

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The benefits to talking to people you do not know are enormous, unless someone is trying to sell you the latest and greatest tape of the month CD, website, or DVD telling you not to. Nothing wrong with that. There are some great trainers out there. But you have to ask, what are their intentions Personal development is everything in life, and network marketing. It is what keeps your check growing, and your Success growing.

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And it is what guarantees you not being the same person you are this year, next year. Your income will always grow as you do. Yes, talking to people you do not know to sell them something or recruit them may be a little uncomfortable, but don't talk to them for that reason. Talk to them to see simply get to know them as a friend, as you do not know evn if MLM will be for them or not. It may not be!

Don't talk to strangers

But what have you lost by talking to them? And you could gain a new friend that could help you find someone who MLM is for. Talking to strangers grows you on the inside, and helps build within you better people skills and communication skills in network marketing. It grows your leadership, and also your recruiting skills. And most importantly, it grows you to a new level of confidence and knowing you can Succeed in this business. There are about million people in the US alone, and most people today, if you are 25 years or older, know about folks.

So what that says to the do not talk to strangers marketeris that there are aboutpeople to go for you to talk to.

Don't talk to strangers

You reach in the marketplace needs to be extended daily. It is part of network marketing. And here is the great news What is wrong with finding them?

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And some of the multi million dollar producers in our group were people we did not know, but did meet, and they went on to become some of my greatest friends and still are today. One "stranger" I met by accident ended up producing 10 million in volume.

And it became and still is a great relationship as well as friendship.

How can i teach kids to be smart about strangers?

If I had not been blessed to meet him and talk to him, because I did not know him, my life would have not been enriched like it has been from knowing him. If you are looking to develop new relationships that will last a lifetime, many folks that you will meet over the course of your career will be those people. There are no strangers. It depends on your perspective. I do not look at people I do not know as "strange. Are they interested in the things that I am? Who knows? Many will not be. But if you truly understand the driving force behind MLMyou will never meet a stranger.

Why do my parents tell me, "don’t talk to strangers?"

Only people who are after something from someone with their own selfish agenda meets strangers. People who are in the life changing business and are what we call "Transformation Specialists," TM are interested in people that they can help, not be concerned that they do know them. If you want to remain a baby in this MLM businessthen don't talk to strangers. It's your call.

“don’t talk to strangers!” this simple childhood rule is killing your happiness

But speaking from experience, if you don't talk to strangersyou will end up limiting and restricting your Success massively in MLM and Network Marketing. MLM Success Center. Dont Talk to Strangers! Good or bad Advice? In our life growing up, we were taught a lesson that was very good advice for children.

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I even taught my daughter that when she was a toddler. And I will admit, it was a concern of mine with all the meaness and trouble in the world today. God forbid. I have always taught one thing about people that you do not know, better known as the Cold market: Stangers are simply friends that you have not met yet. What are those benefits? My advice is simply this: If you want to remain a baby in this MLM businessthen do not talk to strangers talk to strangers.

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