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Improving customer experience in retail chains is challenging. Achieve great CX by using messenger codes, promotional messages and digital customer. By continuing to use this site you consent to the use of cookies in accordance with our cookie policy. Want to learn how to increase footfall? It has now surpassed the phone call as the preferred customer contact channel for most people under But time waits for no technology. Live chat may find that it has a short spell in the limelight due to the poor customer satisfaction experience it offers on mobile devices and in a multi-device world.

Live chat was deed for a web being surfed with PCs and laptops; not smartphones.

It is not surprising then that messaging, a technology born in the mobile era is already making live chat look dated. The following outlines: the weaknesses of live chat on a mobile device; why messaging provides the best live chat like experience on a smartphone; and why messaging works so well when customers are switching between devices throughout the day.

Messaging, as a technology, makes the same claim. It was built for mobile and owes its origins to SMS. SMS were already free when WhatsApp launched in its home market. That was not the case in most of the rest of the world.

Scanning the messaging app ecosystem, nearly all of the leading players started out on mobile WhatsApp, Messenger, WeChat etc. This explains why the messaging interface works so well on mobile devices. Live chat, on the other hand, is rooted in the desktop era. The way it works is ideal for a situation where someone is sitting at a desk for an extended period doing little else other than waiting for the next response from customer support.

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Here you can see what is probably the best web chat product for mobile devices, set side by side with the Facebook Messenger user interface. Some key differences to note are: the entire screen is dedicated to messages in Messenger, which facilitates larger and clearer bubbles, while live chat appears slightly cluttered by comparison; following up on a query on Messenger is seamless and within the same channel regardless of the time elapsed. On live chat an address or mobile is sought for the purposes of a follow-up notification; the user is presented with additional functionality on Messenger e.

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So even the best live chat solution for mobile cannot compete with messaging from a customer experience management perspective. Messaging Offers A Persistent Asynchronous Connection In a similarly mobile-centric way, messaging s for the fact that we use our smartphones on the go. We use our phones in spurts between other activities, unlike when someone sits down in front of a desktop for long periods. We also move from one device to another e.

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Continuing conversations across devices is easily done with Messenger and Twitter for free mobile online chat, while it is extremely difficult impossible without SMS or ? For example, phone calls take precedent over live chats on a smartphone. Even where there is a persistent connection via web chat, you need to remember to go back to the chat after the call i.

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Messaging, on the other hand, fits into the busy lives of both customers and time poor small business owners, allowing both parties to send messages when convenient. In larger businesses with call centres, asynchronous messaging means consumers can start a customer conversation whenever and wherever it suits them e.

The big difference here is that the customers contacting the business during the blue sections of the chart will eventually get a response within the same messaging app, along with a notification to make them aware of it. However, on live chat the customers in orange may have to wait for an agent so long that they have to abandon the chat, or alternatively leave their address and enter the spammy world of customer service via.

Chat History Is Always Available When Messaging On most live chat services the customer only gets their chat transcript if they request it via.

Where the problem free mobile online chat been solved using cookies etc. This means that there may be a lack of context in follow up customer interactions. Messaging, on the other hand, retains infinite chat history of the conversation between the user and the business regardless of what device is being used.

This not only helps avoid confusion about what was said, but it also enables the user to refer back to solutions or links to tutorials that resolved a similar problem in the past. Contrast that to B2C messaging that has literally been bounding forward in great leaps in the last 12 months.

Facebook and Twitter look to be in an innovation battle to be the chief medium for customer service and complaints, while WhatsApp is yet to show its hand. Smaller players like Telegram and Kik are also in the game and are capturing the attention of certain customer segments.

For example, F acebook recently introduced referral parameters to enable businesses to identify what the customer is on so that the agent can provide contextual assistance. The fact that all Facebook users now have a Messenger. Start Working on your Messaging Strategy With the and quality of developers working on bots and the messaging platforms themselves, the capabilities of messaging apps in a customer service context are only going to get better.

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This is an innovation battle live chat has no chance of winning. The messaging app as a platform for commercial activity and customer service is here today and early adopting companies will be best placed to create a strong competitive advantage. So start working on your messaging free mobile online chat today instead of trying to figure out what the best live chat solution for mobile devices is.

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