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Beyond Blue provides information and support to help everyone in Australia achieve their best possible mental health, whatever their age and wherever they live. Connection supporting us through uncertain times.

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I try to provide a safe space so they feel ok and can get whatever is troubling them out in the open. Then we work together on ways to make things better. If you need to speak to someone urgently, call Lifeline 13 11 14 or Kids Helpline If you have issues or questions specifically relating to work or study, our Digital Work and Study Service specialists can help you get back on track with your study, career, job and other advice relating to employment and education.

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In person therapy can be terrifying - letting your guts spill in front of a therapist puts you in an intimidating position where you may be tempted to lie or play things down.

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However, online therapy services remove some of that awkwardness. Online therapy services allow you to chat with a qualified therapist via phone calls, video chat, video messaging, texting and more. This way, you free online therapy chat for depression get help from professional counselors without leaving the comfort of your home.

For this article, MedicalWebTimes has reviewed 15 therapy services against benchmarks like counselor expertise, service price, and types of therapy available. In addition, user reviews were compiled and evaluated to create a score for each site, resulting in the below list of the 6 best therapy sites available online. Best online therapy overall - Talkspace. Best free counseling online - Online-Therapy. Best d marriage and family therapy - AmWell. Best android app for online therapy - 7 Cups.

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Best for teen counseling - BetterHelp. Best online counseling for quick responses - Ginger. Talkspace is unique because it uses a " matching therapist " when you first up. This person's job is to match you with a therapist who best suits your needs, future goals, and walk of life. If you don't like your therapist, you're able to change them and find someone who's better for you. Talkspace also has numerous options for its mental health services, allowing you to speak to various teen, marriage and family therapists through video, audio, text messaging and more.

It's not the cheapest virtual counseling in the world, but it's 1 for a reason! EAP insurance is accepted, but it doesn't seem like many other forms of healthcare insurance and accepted at this time. Most online therapy platforms charge you straight away, so this is a good way to try online therapy and mental health services if you're skeptical. This brilliant counseling service is great for relationship issues, anxiety, depression, eating disorders, and much more, using CBT Cognitive Behavioral Therapy as its main method of helping people. CBT is all about identifying negative thought patterns and challenging them in order to build new, healthier mental frameworks.

AmWell is a telemedicine site that provides online counseling services, as well as psychiatry services too.

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It's very uber-medical and professional, allowing you to speak to d professional counselors and d clinical social workers about various topics. However, you can only chat via live video sessions or phone if there are issues for 45 minutes at a time, so it very much has the vibe of "in person therapy" sessions just played out via live chat.

If you're trying to get away from the scary nature of traditional therapy, then AmWell isn't the place to do it. Free online therapy chat for depression idea behind 7 Cups is to create an online mental health support network of over"trained listeners" and d therapists. As is to be expected when dealing with non-professionals, there can be problems with rogue listeners who abruptly disconnect, pass judgment on you, flirt with you, or give poor and inappropriate advice.

If you're already quite vulnerable, it may be better to speak to an actual therapist rather than roll the dice with these listeners. Regardless, 7 Cups still has some of the cheapest online therapists out there, so it's a good budget option. One of the most popular online counseling sites, BetterHelp has professional counselors and marriage and family therapists who are trained in a wide range of disciplines.

However, BetterHelp is difficult to cancel after you up, and while they offer a free trial, many users think that it's a bit rubbish. Nonetheless, you can find a therapist for issues such as eating disorders, substance misuse, anxiety, depression, relationship issues and much more. This service costs a reasonable price if you are billed annually.

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However, monthly billing will cost a lot more. Here's how it breaks down:. It might be worth trying one of the weekly or monthly options and then going with a cheaper long-term plan if you decide that you like the service. This makes it good for many people with mental health issues as it can fit into various budgets and lifestyles. Ginger's trained behavioral health coaches are on demand for help with anxiety, depression, and more.

After your therapist messages you, your video chat will begin! In addition to connecting you with a mental health professional, Ginger also gives you tools such as mental health courses, helping you to improve your coping skills between live chat sessions. Sometimes you can also schedule same-day therapy sessions and get a reply in 60 seconds or less! The fast customer service of this online therapy platform is a huge selling point.

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Yes, it's perfectly legal to provide counseling services online. In fact, online therapy has been around in some form since the s. As long as the online therapy platform is using d therapists who are trained and qualified in their respective fields, then it's perfectly legal to conduct online therapy through live sessions, video, text chat, phone calls and more. Some online counseling is essentially a traditional therapy session performed through live sessions online, whereas some use more "casual" techniques such as texting your therapist or sending voice notes back and forth.

Online therapy is private and confidential if you're using reputable services such as Talk-Space, BetterHelp, and AmWell.

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The live sessions are usually encrypted and can only be accessed exclusively by your online therapist. Some services may not keep records of your video and phone sessions at all - your d therapist will just take notes. Every platform is different, but any reputable online counseling service worth its salt will have stringent privacy and confidentiality agreements in place. Check the FAQs of your specific website for more detailed information.

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It can be difficult to choose an online therapist that suits you - if you're able to choose at all. Some sites allow people to choose their therapist from a list, while others automatically pair you with a therapist at random. Here are some things to keep in mind when searching for a d therapist online.

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Before we get into the specifics of anything else, you need to think about your budget. Therapy can be very expensive, especially if you're using it regularly. Different online counseling providers have vary different prices that may suit different people:. Some of those prices are approximate because some counseling providers list their prices as weekly, while others list them as monthly. Even if your d therapist sessions sound cheap, be aware of how much that adds up over time.

Some services, such as AmWell, allow you to choose from a list of d therapists to find one who suits your needs. Different people have different skills and specialisms, so it makes sense to let users pick the people they want to talk to. TalkSpace actually uses a " matching therapist" who you speak to and talk about your therapy goals. Then, they match you with a regular therapist who they think will be right for your needs. If you don't like them, you can return to your matching therapist and request to try someone else.

Different platforms have different rules for changing therapists, so make sure you check what the deal is with your platform of choice before getting stuck with people you don't like. Many people want a free online therapy chat for depression who has a similar background to them. For example, you may want to speak to a specific therapist if you're:.

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For example, a straight therapist might find it hard to relate to the problems of a gay person, while a white therapist may find it difficult to relate to the problems of an African-American person. This isn't always the case, but many people feel more comfortable speaking to someone with shared life experience.

Some services like Am-Well also let you pick between a list of different therapists, all of whom have different identities, backgrounds, specialisms and life experience. It's important to find someone who you feel comfortable talking about your true feelings with. You might think of online therapy as "second best" to traditional in person treatment, but this isn't necessarily the case. Lots of research has suggested that online therapy is just as good as traditional therapy in person.

It's not the setting that matters - it's the therapy itself. There are actually a lot of benefits to online therapy in terms of the counseling itself and the convenience it gives you in your everyday life. Here are some of the main upsides of online counseling to consider:. Increased confidence - people are often more willing to be truthful when speaking online because it doesn't feel as intimate and intimidating.

Therapy for All - people in rural areas and remote locations have an easier time accessing therapy without traveling to a city. You can use pseudonyms - some online therapists allow you to use pseudonyms and nicknames if you're too shy to use your real name. It's cheaper - speaking to therapists and clinical social workers online is usually always cheaper than in-person therapy.