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Code Blue is deed to provide teenagers struggling from depression or bullying with support when they need it. Users can choose several contacts to be part of their support group. With just a few taps, the app will alert the support group that the user needs immediate help. Members of the support group can then text or call the user. Code Blue will be free and is expected to launch this spring on both iOS and Android. Breathe2Relax is an app developed for stress management.

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To provide an environment in which participants can feel comfortable sharing their burn and recovery related experiences. Basic icebreakers can start a group off on general participation. Consider using an activity or task that requires teamwork and participation of all members. Relationships and teamwork help make those bonds that cause children to truly feel more comfortable and safe for sharing and discussion, and for repeated group attendance.

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For additional ideas, please refer to the reference list at the end of this handout. Focus activities: Facilitate a tangible experience or produce an object for reflection and discussion. Also consider some type of handouts for the parents that will give them ideas on some of your focused activities and suggestions of how to create an environment for open dialogue processing for the child or adolescent.

One person talks at a time. Everyone can speak if they want to, but no one has to talk. All feelings are okay. They are what they are, and that is okay here. The Platinum Rule: Treat other group members as they would like to be treated. If you are unsure, how someone wants to be treated, ask them! What is shared in this group stays in this group. Ask group members for their commitment to confidentiality.

If people come in late, briefly mention boundaries to them also.

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Icebreaker or collaborative group task. Use a task or activity that requires teamwork and participation of all members such as completing a puzzle together, without using hands, or without using words. Focus Activity. Facilitate your activity project, reading a purposeful story, etc. Be sure to leave time for discussion and processing. Invite all participants to share: Make sure that all have opportunity to speak; be aware of children who might dominate the conversation.

Avoid going around the circle in a particular order; this forces participants to speak before they are ready to share. Thank participants for their participation, work, and sharing cite specific examples if appropriate. Provide information for next meeting. Mention specifics and enticements for attendance highlight exciting plans or incentives. Also, as "roles" for next time if appropriate, "e.

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Johnny can help with the snack, Susie can help lay out the materials, Joey will help with chairs. If your participants are doing journals, scrap books, or other projects at home, remind participants of the value in this work.

For example, if you are available to talk to participants via phone, or if issues arose which participants may need to discuss with a parent or trusted adult, encourage them to do so with concrete suggestions.

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Note: This could also be a private conversation with a participant if appropriate. Be aware of what is going on outside the windows, the light level, background noise, etc.

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Make sure all children have put away other objects and possessions. Advice-giving: different way of listening; be with the person, not trying to fix it. Use of a tangible object such as a talking stick will help to keep the focus on one speaker at a time. A small group, especially with children, can be an asset to ensuring comfort, participation, and management of behaviors during the group.

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While many would judge the success of an ongoing group solely on attendance rates, know that regular attendance and active participation from a smaller of children is a legitimate measure of success. Close the group process Thank people for attending, sharing and listening to each other. Remind the group of commitment to confidentiality.

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Suggest talking to a supportive adult, drawing, or writing in a journal, etc. If the group occurs within a camp setting or other time-limited contact praise participants for their sharing and how well they have bonded as a group; provide tangible examples of other ways that they can work together and support one another during the rest of camp.

Share the facilitation tasks with professional peers, or possibly schedule back-to-back times so that families who travel for group will only make one trip. If you must keep a large variety of ages in one group setting, consider having consistent or occasional small group break-out sessions for tasks or discussion of more sensitive topics such as intimacy for teens.

Offer parking or gas cards to ease the financial burden of traveling to the group location, and provide food if possible.

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Strongly encourage attendance but do not require it or shame participants who are unable to consistently attend. If you are able to offer attendance via Skype free videoconferencing or similar options, this could link in participants from greater distances. Be sensitive about your activities if you have children participating via videoconferencing so that they do not feel left out. Also, consider regional support groups that are closer to home areas for participants; whether you are able to travel to facilitate these or utilize a more local professional resource.

Sibling dynamics Find out the background on your participants. You will likely begin to see issues that occur in the home setting such as jealousy or one dominant speaker. Make sure to verbally recognize all participants as a part of the group, noting that everyone impacted by a burn is a survivor. Be sure to invite all siblings to speak in an equal manner.

You may choose to have break- out sessions during group, and could offer a sibling small group for more focused discussion topics. When possible, provide choices and control to the.

Be sure to verbally recognize your gratitude for their attendance and girls in suriname notes mobile chat tangible examples of how they make a difference to the group. You really girls in suriname notes mobile chat the group solve the puzzle exercise with your idea. I know [other girls in suriname notes mobile chat member] like seeing you here too. The environment seems to be a barrier for attendance; burn center vs. Even attending a potentially fun and supportive event like a group can evoke these feelings and may cause the child not to attend group.

On the other hand, foundations and other community locations do not automatically provide the association of a supportive and caring place for new participants. Balance these issues; continue asking participants and caregivers for input. Consider developing a local mentor for the child, teen, siblings, or family.

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This can help provide a local resource for assistance with reentry into the home community. Suggestions include a teacher, fire fighter, a SOAR trained peer support volunteer etc. Infuse guest speakers, new activities, and a variety of media and sensory activities movies, physical activities, creative projects, etc. Many professional organizations have forums for information-sharing; talk with professionals in your area and across the country to share ideas! Provide a tangible memento of the experience that participants can take with them.

Having a token from the experience can be a reminder of the benefits of opening up, sharing your story, having confidence and support, etc. Phoenix Society uses cookies in an an effort to improve your online experience.

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Getting Quality Treatment. Guidelines and Suggestions 1. Pre-Plan Your Activities Icebreaker or collaborative group task. Introduce and Facilitate an Activity Optional but recommended for most age groups vs. A few examples: Who would like to tell us sentences about their project? What might be easy or difficult about sharing this with your family? Closing Thank participants for their participation, work, and sharing cite specific examples if appropriate Provide information for next meeting. Recommendations and Notes Creating the Environment Minimize distractions Be aware of what is going on outside the windows, the light level, background noise, etc.

Ask permission to hug or touch. Listen while people are sharing. With older children and teens: ask permission to comment. Advice-giving: different way of listening; be with the person, not trying to fix it Use of a tangible object such as a talking stick will help to keep the focus on one speaker at a time. Small group size is beneficial. Accept Learn more.