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Hello MikeI'm a relative newcomer to the site but it didn't take me long to feel right at home here.

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As you saythe people here are lovely. That's what makes this place special. In reply to Galatas :. Hi Mike and a big welcome from Kent. I have family up your way but don't get up there often enough. Admire your determination with the owls - some photos would be great. In reply to GeoDave :. If you click on the "Community Home" button at the top of the you will find a brilliant map created by TeeJay that will help you and there is another fantastic post from Doggie showing how to post photos. In reply to Jenni Morgan :.

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In reply to doggie :. Welcome back, I'm a newbie from the west midlands and yes, everyone is friendly. Would love to see he photos.

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In reply to Saltwells :. Welcome, and like tothers have said, Owl pics please. Always nice to enjoy fellow photographers photo's.

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My gallery Here Flickr Here. In reply to Stich :. In reply to penny :. In reply to mike. Good to see you already think we are nice and friendly folk! I'm one of the long established members, having arrived here after watching Autumn Watch inand I'm still here!

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Be careful, it gets addictive. See my photos on Flickr. Find out more about the partnership. Main website Shop. Site Search User.

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Well hello there Hi, I actually ed the forum a couple of years ago, when a juvenile kestrel flew into the hello chat site of a landscape photography project I was doing, and I couldn't tell for certain what it was So I ed the picture and within hours I had an answer. And then, I have to admit I forgot all about birds, for quite a while. Last year, after my son was born, I switched to running in the evenings once he was in bedand discovered 2 barn owls routinely hunted on the same route I was running.

I've always been into photography, but predominantly landscapes. When my son was born, I branched out a bit into portraits, and then some wedding and food photography - and then when I discovered I could reliably locate owls, they became a bit of an obsession.

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And from there I've gradually tried to do more and more bird photographer. And I have to say, there people on here seem lovely. I spend a little of time on various forums in my day job, and it has to be said that the internet can seem full of some very angry, belligerent, pedantic people let's be honest, we all know a fewso I've enjoyed reading the encouraging and interested comments in the various RSPB forums.

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That said, perhaps I'm not as computer-savvy as I thought, since it has hello chat site me this long to find the 'hello' section of the forums So, just a long note to say hello and please continue to help me to know my grebes from my gossanders. Thanks, Mike G. We'd love to see your bird photosespecially the Barn Owls. In reply to Galatas : Hi Mike and a big welcome from Kent. Jenni Hello chat site. Looking forward to hearing more from you and get that lad of yours watching the birds soon!! In reply to Jenni Morgan : Welcome from me too. I look forward to seeing some barn owl pics very soon too.

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In reply to doggie : Welcome back, I'm a newbie from the west midlands and yes, everyone is friendly. In reply to Saltwells : Welcome, and like tothers have said, Owl pics please.

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In reply to Stich : welcome from me. In reply to penny : Thank you everyone. Now, let's see if i can follow the instructions Post crosed with your last one. Well done - you managed it!

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