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Skype offers a of features based around calling both free and paidmessaging including instant, voice and text messaging SMSvideo chat, and file and screen sharing.

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Skype allows users to send instant messages to other users in their contact list. Messages sent to offline users are stored on Skype servers and will be delivered to their recipients as soon as they come online on Skype.

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Chat history along with the message status will be synchronized across all user devices supported by Skype whenever the user s in with the same Skype. Although Skype allows sending SMS messages, it is not possible to receive SMS messages on Skype so users need a different way to receive responses to the messages they send using Skype.

This has been a cause of angst among user who purchase Skype as an alternative to a mobile phone because Microsoft will not refund any purchases even for users who discover this missing feature only after purchasing multi-year contracts. Other than in user complaints is skype chat free the Microsoft Skype forums, there is no mention on Microsoft or Skype websites that when they say "Send SMS messages," that is just what they mean: users can send but they cannot receive SMS messages. Skype keeps user instant messaging history on user's local computer, and on Skype's cloud for 30 days. Skype allows users to remove or edit individual messages during one hour after sending; this affects messages already received by chat interlocutors as well as not delivered to them yet.

Skype allows users to delete all saved conversation histories for the device. Users can send about emoticons that are displayed either statically or animated, depending on user's settings.

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There are also hidden emoticons, flags and 63 other. On special occasions, Skype introduces featured emoticons that are later either left as standard angerleft as hidden mooning or removed captain.

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Writing at the beginning of a message will disable any formatting in the message. Users are able to quote other messages by copying them and pasting them into a new message. A quote shows the message, the original sender and the timestamp of the original message. The feature is controversial and often useless because people have found is skype chat free to create custom quotes.

Skype users can call landline and mobile phone s ly known as SkypeOut using Skype Credit or a calling subscription. Additionally, users can purchase a Skype ly called SkypeIn and Online that lets contacts call their Skype client from a landline or mobile phone. The ability to call landline or mobile phones from Skype was originally branded as SkypeOutbut this term has been is skype chat free in favor of Calls to mobiles and landlines.

Skype users can call phone sincluding landline and mobile phones, for a fee using prepaid Skype Credit or a subscription see below. After days of inactivity, a user's Skype Credit balance is deactivated; however, it can be reactivated. On 19 DecemberSkype announced that there would be a new pricing structure in Details of a new scheme were released 18 January The initial press release was vague about the new scheme, but it did reveal that there may be a new connection fee.

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In JanuarySkype launched Skype Proa prepaid unlimited call subscription for calls that were made inside North America. Skype's unlimited calling offers unlimited calls to anyone, on any phone, within the U. As of April 21,Skype Pro was replaced by new calling subscription plans, which don't require the calls to start from a certain country.

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Skype offers several monthly plans that it calls unlimited. However, Skype limits these subscriptions to 10, minutes per month, 6 hours per day, and 50 telephone s per day. If one of these limits is exceeded, any additional calls are billed at regular rates and connection fees if the user has Skype Credit. Users can set up a Skype To Go which allows them to reach international phones s dialled from any landline or mobile.

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Skype provides a local the user chooses the area code that then connects using Skype Credit to the in another country. The service also provides the opportunity to dial any abroad as well. Support for toll-free s in Canada was effectively removed in January Skype also does not support calling emergency s such as in Europe or in is skype chat free United States, however they do support this service in AustraliaDenmarkFinlandand the United Kingdom. Skype offers a feature allowing users to set the caller ID for outgoing calls to telephone s.

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Set-up verification involves sending an SMS text message to a selected mobile is skype chat freethen typing that verification code into a web form. Since most regular home and business telephones cannot receive text messages, this feature is only available to owners of mobile phones.

Skype formerly called Online and until named SkypeIn allows a Skype user to receive calls to their Skype client on whatever device dialed from mobiles or landlines to a Skype-provided phone. The need not be in the same location as the user. For example, a user in San Francisco could create a is skype chat free telephone in London. Callers in London could then make a local call to reach that user who answers on Skype in San Francisco.

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In Russia some companies, including SIP operators, provide direct s, redirecting calls to Skype. Skype Premium originally bundled together a of Skype's features including the selection of a calling subscription, the ability to make group video calls and the ability to screen share with up to 10 other people person-to-person video calls are freeimproved customer support and the removal of from the Skype client.

However, the Premium product was removed in the summer of when group video calls and screen sharing were made free. Skype Voic now called Voice messaging was released on March 10, This service allows callers to leave voic messages for Skype users who are indisposed.

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Leaving voic messages became a free service in Skype 2. Skype 3. Skype 5. InSkype added an option to blur the background using A. Like many other instant messaging services, Skype clients can send SMS text messages to mobile phone s. In other countries, the message can be set to appear coming from a verified is skype chat freeallowing recipients to reply, or else show the first 11 characters of the Skype username.

However, as of MarchSkype users cannot receive SMS, despite a continuing series of requests and complaints.

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Skype WiFi ly called Skype Access allows users to pay a per-minute charge for Internet access at commercial wireless hotspots using Skype Credit. This replaced an earlier feature Skype Zones Beta which provided subscription-based access at wireless hotspots operated by Boingo and The Cloud. The application will be delisted, and the service itself will no longer function after March 31, The feature detects phone s automatically, but a web site developer can override the detection algorithm using a Meta element and mark the valid s individually.

A log file is created for each contact on a user's contact list. Log files are stored locally, meaning they are not available if a user switches computers. On Windows, Skype can be run directly from a USB flash drive without being installed on the host computer. In DecemberMicrosoft added "Skype Interviews", a shared code editing system for those wishing to run job interviews for programming roles. Skype supports group text chat with an interface similar to IRC with up to people.

The Macintosh version used to use the same message view style format as Adiumthough with a different filename extension. Message view styles made for Adium could be installed for Skype, and they did not is skype chat free need to be renamed.

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This feature has been discontinued starting with Skype 2. Most Skype versions, including version 4, broadcast a status of "Not Available" after a configured idle time, but Skype 4 no longer allows the user to edit this setting. The only way for the user to configure this idle time setting is to edit the IdleTimeForNA setting in the config.

Since this feature was removed in Skype 5, the edit setting no longer exists in the config. Skype let users set their presence indicator to "SkypeMe! It invited calls from strangers.

The best alternatives to skype: 14 free applications for video calls

Setting one's status to SkypeMe! Setting your privacy settings to "allow anyone to contact me" essentially does the same thing minus the presence indicator itself. Skypecasting was released on May 3, Skypecasts were live, moderated conversations allowing groups of up to people to converse, moderated by the "host" who was able to control who was able to speak. The "host" would always remain in control, and could invite people into the speaking area.


There was the functionality to mute and eject, both speakers and listeners, or add more people to speak from the listener section. Skypecasts did not support chat windows to share text information such as URL with participants. The Skypecast feature was removed in Skype Prime was a beta feature in Skype 3. It allowed users to call lines that charged a per minute rate usually for advice on a particular topic.

The feature has since been discontinued in later versions of the Windows and Mac clients.

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SkypeFind was a community-generated directory of business reviews in Skype 3. The business directory replaced SkypeFind but has also been discontinued from version 5. Earlier Skype versions allowed the user to search the Skype directory for random people to talk to. This feature was effectively discontinued since Skype 4.

In current Skype releases you can only add contacts for which you know one of the following pieces of information: e-mail address, phonefull name, or Skype name.