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I decided to take the opportunity to write a travel article on tourism in Armenia. I want to help promote our magical homeland to non-Armenian masses. My trip was a life-altering experience, seeing Mer Hayrenikits raw beauty including the warm and hospitable people and re-connect with my roots. There was and still is high hope amongst the citizens that Pashinyan would lead the nation to a better future. In fact, it was heartbreaking to witness the despair among queer Armenians for their living situation and general role in society. I spoke at length to dozens of LGBT Armenians; they were businessmen, artists, blue-collar workers, an architect, an activist and a very famous entertainer.

Sadly, despite confidence in their new leader, all were pessimistic about their own future. None expressed hope that the situation would get better regarding hate crimes against LGBT— harassment, gay-bashing, abuse, homophobia and transphobia.

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Terrified for their safety, all expressed a desire to migrate to freer and more progressive countries. Make no mistake: the only difference between Armenia and the Western world is that its queer community is, for the most part, still in the closet, due to institutionalized and widespread homophobia. There have been several high-profile gay-bashings and assaults in Armenia recently. In February, a trans woman was beaten and set on fire in her own apartment. In May, while in Armenia on a humanitarian mission, Elton John was subjected to homophobic slurs and hurled with eggs. One of the attackers, Hakob Arshakyan, is the former Mayor of the village.

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I strongly believe that it should be up to the people of every nation and community to decide their own fate; but there are always exceptions. In this case, save for a few activists, LGBT Armenians have few people who are willing to speak out on their behalf.

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I would implore Nikol Pashinyan to take action against systematic homophobia in Armenia and send a message that we are all equal, whether native-born or diasporan, straight and cisgender or LGBT, living in Armenia or abroad, rich or poor, connected or otherwise. Our people have been massacred, slaughtered and prosecuted for centuries in the hands of our enemies, so why are we doing it to ourselves now? Some may argue that Mr. Pashinyan has bigger priorities to tackle before combating homophobia, including national security, corruption, economy, unemployment, under-employment and immigration.

Queer Armenians are confidently looking forward to his upcoming State of the Nation address and roll-out of his agenda, but unfortunately, their live sex chat armenia is not extended to the LGBT community. The destiny of Armenia and its people can be adversely affected by the future of its queer community. And if talented, innovative and educated Armenian citizens are forced to flee to Western Europe or the United States because their homeland does not accept them, how can the country develop? Armenia received a great deal of positive press and global attention.

But the international headlines about the recent gay-bashings have worked to contradict this image of live sex chat armenia. We cannot afford to ignore this matter any longer. It will not simply go away, and we live sex chat armenia sit passively as the rest of the world watches in outrage. LGBT Armenians do not wish for better or special treatment. They only want a life in a country where they can live a free, honest and authentic life, without fear of prosecution, violence or hate due to their sexual orientation or gender identity. Hey you Vic; Say what you want to say about Armenia and its society.

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Thank you for your comment. The titles of articles posted to the Armenian Weekly are often not deated by the author of the article. Instead, titles are often left to the copy editors and the editorial board. Titles we live sex chat armenia are often exaggerated for dramatic effect.

On an island formed by volcanic eruptions, iceland’s explosive beauty is in its fjords, lava fields, glaciers and beyond.

Tell that guy to go pound sand! Right on Bro. He is an idiot!

The tile I submitted to the newspaper was changed by Armenian Weekly. Perhaps you should re-read my article and not take things personally. I am an honored Armenian living in Lebanon because of the genocide, and i am bisexual in the closet. It cuts my heart to hear that my own people will not accept me and most likely will abuse me when I go to live there.

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We need to change. Everyone is equal, wether your religious opinions allow it or not, such as mine. It is good to write about contentious issues but I am afraid this article too, like many other LGBT related ones lacks real arguments.

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It is a bunch of beautiful words and quotes and a desperate attempt to paint an extremely bleak picture of LGBT life in Armenia. Nevertheless, Armenia is not Iran or Saudi Arabia and there is no need to exaggerate things. If I am not mistaken the incident with the trans woman is the same one I read about a few months ago on another Armenian website. The offender claims that he was lured to her apartment for sex only to find out that she is not a biological woman.

That does not justify the crime but gives it a totally different context. As for Elton John, I saw videos of him and his husband walking in downtown Yerevan, meeting the president and dinning with the PM and his wife. No, I a not trying to sweep things under the rug or justify homophobia. But LGBT people really need to stop playing this victim game if they want to solve their problems. The problem is so multilayer.

It is directly live sex chat armenia to culture, religion, science, human rights and so many other things. First, you need to educate people about who are LGBT people. Then, you need to think about their role in a conservative society where family values are rightly cherished.

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I doubt the kind of half-naked gay parades that we see in London or NY will work in Yerevan and what is even more important question is do we even need those parades? Do we really want to replace our culture with a Western one and in a few decades start importing people since there are no families left to have children. There are so many questions that need to addressed. The same statement women would often hear about their discrimination and that they play victims and as if the problem of gender equality is solved bla bla.

However if you look at statistics, to be it gender pay gaps, domestic violence rate etc. Well said. Have you seen an LGBT parade? It is disgusting, not only nudity but sex scenes. Would you let your five year old son let alone your five years old daughter see that. While bashing and violence is wrong for any reason, but provocative behavior is invitation for violence. When people have more than they need, they get confused of their identity and sexuality. We are far away from Sodom and Gomorrah. Hey Yusetv look, I get it, okay?

I am an Armenian in Lebanon who is bisexual and believe me when I say it hurts me so much to see that my own people will not accept me. Your religious beliefs are not facts, I said it. I have my own beliefs just like everyone else.

Everyone is equal, and they should never be discriminated for being different in the matter of sexuality. If your kids grow up despising a certain kind of people, it will not be their fault, rather yours for raising them that way. The entire Armenian Nation should have one thing in common, corrupt free Armenia, where every Armenian should be able to live happily without discrimination! I am proud live live sex chat armenia chat armenia my Armenian ancestry, but ashamed of the racist attitudes of Armenians everywhere.


The fact is, we ,all evolved from the blac k race and many of us ,if not most have Turkish blood running through our veins!! Armenia does not have any policies to mistreat LGBT people, so it should not be addressed that way. But if you go around parading your lifestyles and trying to shove it down live sex chat armenia throats of our youth, you will have problems, and for good reason.

Your lifestyle should be tolerated because it is not your fault you are LGBT, but it should not be celebrated or promoted in Armenian society as well. LGBT lifestyle should not be promoted any more than brown hair should be promoted. People are born gay.

Few countries so regularly elicit the response of “where’s that?” as armenia.

They just want to get along without being burned to death, stoned, beaten, or knifed just because they happened to be passing through a cruisy park—all of which happened within the past year. We have seen what has become of California, what is happening around the globe and what extreme pretense of so called liberal societies have brought to those very societies that allowed such liberty to run in their veins.

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Just as democracy is now being used by lesser nations against those host nations. Collapse of family values, destruction of identity, destruction of history and past, planting the seed of identity politics and confusion in the minds of young children. Indoctrination, weakness, attempted killing the potential of a proud and strong mind of a growing individual, instilling doubt on every corner on every aspect of ones life. Eventually open borders, globalism and chaos.

The future of such ideologies is clear. It happened to Rome before it collapsed, it happened at the peak of renaissance before its collapse, it happened to the Greeks before their collapse, and it is happening yet again. I say you want to be gay, trans, feminist, they, it, be so at your own private space no one would bother you or ask about it.

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The future today is very clear of those nations who have granted a free card to such ideological movements as these LGBT movements. Gays cannot be Armenian. Armenian culture simply is not for gays. What could those cops have done to deserve such retaliation? Are cops without fault, prejudice and always for the people? Your points only showcase your ignorance and lack of common sense. How can you condemn one side without knowing both sides of the story?