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By Friar Wire. After his three-hit shutout of the Reds this afternoon, the crew at MLB Network took some time to chat with Tyson Ross to discuss his outstanding start:. Medium is an open platform where million readers come to find insightful and dynamic thinking. Here, expert and undiscovered voices alike dive into the heart of any topic and bring new ideas to the surface.

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Cooper: Hey everyone, Thanks for coming out and we hope you enjoy chatting about prospects for a few hours like we like talking about prospects. I'd take the under simply because that's not how the Rays operate. Inthey didn't have any players who played in games. In they had 2 Longoria and Dickerson.

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The Rays are going to mix and mlb chats and figure out favorable matchups every night. They have depth in their OF. Put that together and no one plays everyday for the Rays, including Arozarena.

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Cooper: Bart did chase pretty much anything around the plate, especially when it was thrown down and away or down and in. That is a concern and he also seemed to struggle with velocity in on his hands.

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Those are things he hopefully will improve on, but he showed in he is not ready for an MLB job, and the Giants have made that clear with the addition of Curt Casali as Buster Posey's backup. The drafting of Patrick Bailey also adds to those questions at least a little.

Cooper: Ranking as the top catcher will be hard because that's going to be asking a whole lot from his defensive development.

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Right now it's easier to be confident in Soderstrom's bat than it is in his mlb chats home. That doesn't mean he can't catch, but when a hitter is as advanced as he is and has plenty of work to do to catch, a lot of times those guys end up moving to another position eventually.

If a guy is ready for Double-A as a hitter but only low Class A as a catcher, do you want to keep him in Class A for two extra years so he can get the needed reps to catch?

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It doesn't always work that way, but it did with Wil Myers. There were a lot of scouts and coaches who believed that Myers could catch in the majors, but it would have meant keeping him in the low minors for a couple of extra seasons. Joey Votto wasn't as polished as a catcher, but he's another example of this. So he wasn't all that far off.

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No other Tigers received votes. Cooper: With no mlb chats league season, it was hard for back-of-the-first round draftees to crack the Top Of the 15 players drafted mlb chats the first round, exactly one Michael Busch cracked the Top Toglia could crack the Top with a big season, but a solid but unspectacular season in the Northwest League in his only pro experience so far meant he wasn't all that close to the Top going into the year. And he didn't get much of a chance to change that assessment in Cooper: We get this question a lot. Those are projected future tools grades, but that is only one factor in a variety of factors that weigh into prospect rankings.

Let's say we have 2 prospects.

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Prospect A: Multiple years of solid production against upper level competition. Is close to the majors. Tools are good, but not great. Skills plate discipline, selectivity, baserunner, etc are pretty well developed.

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He's pretty close to MLB ready. Prospect B: Just drafted. Tools are excellent. Potential is outstanding. Skills plate discipline, selectivity, etc. He's likely years from the majors.

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Prospect B very well may have better tools grades than Prospect A. But he has less likelihood of ever reaching those tools grades, because there is much more uncertainty in the projection. So we will often rank the close-to-majors prospect higher than a toolsier younger prospect. You see this in action in MLB trades. When trading an MLB player for prospects, teams often are presented with a choice.

This current Pirates front office would rather take higher-ceiling but less-certain prospects in return see Hudson Head as the headliner in the Joe Musgrove trade.

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Using BA Grades, there's as much difference between 11 to 21 as there is from roughly 21 to 60ish. From 60 to there's not a massive amount of difference.

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Cooper: Henderson made multiple ballots and cracked one voter's Top It's not hard to come up with a scenario where he could slide into the back of the in if we can get back to playing minor league games. Cooper: This is the tricky bit. It depends on your definitions of small and large. The fact that Adell remains mlb chats of the top prospects in the game shows that the large sample of the minors does really matter, as if we based it solely on how he looked in the majors, he wouldn't crack the top We believe that Adell found he wasn't ready, but we mlb chats pretty confident that he will figure it out and bounce back.

On the other hand with Arozarena, the small sample of the majors is not as small as one might think. He added 91 PAs in the playoffs to his 91 regular season PAs. The Blue Jays, Yankees, Astros and Dodgers all failed to expose any clear weakness with Arozarena's approach at the plate.

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They tried a variety of approaches and he handled everything mlb chats threw at him. Now, Arozarena was in a zone he may never visit again--if he keeps up what he did in the postseason mlb chats Barry Bonds.

But we also would be crazy to discount nearly PAs like that between the regular season and the postseason where Arozarena showed real power and an ability to adjust to breaking balls and changeups as well as fastballs. That is to mlb chats data to simply call it a flukish hot streak. Mlb chats hope that explains the tricky balance that we tried to pull off in doing our Top Cooper: Head received one vote mine. I had him th on my personal So he wasn't particularly close to cracking the top Yean and Rodriguez were not really in top consideration at all.

If we had gone deep, that's around where they would slot in. Cooper: Marte is the answer. If he has a big season and continues to hit the ball as hard as he has, he could climb this list. That's a pretty aggressive rank for a player who has yet to play an mlb chats game above the Dominican Summer League. Cooper: There's mlb chats drop off. Those 7 are a pretty clear top tier for the Mariners in my opinion. When we roll out our org talent rankings, weighing the top-heavy orgs like the Mariners and Padres versus a much deeper system like the Rays led to many healthy debates.

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Cooper: We do not use service time in our prospect rankings. Cooper: If you told me that Rutschman has a Mauer type career that doesn't seem crazy. He's a very special prospect.

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Yes, that's an unfair comp, but I remember when Mauer was coming up through the minors, and Rutschman checks lot of the same boxes. I and I am clearly not alone on this really, really want to see him play a full season in the minors. Cooper: Yeah.

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If you knew nothing about anyone before instructs and based the rankings solely on instructional league, Rece Hinds Reds 3B would be a Top 50 prospect in the game. He has massive power, and he showed that power regularly while torching instructs pitching.

Hinds was seen as having the best power potential among prep prospects, so that isn't something that came out of nowhere. That said, he also had contact issues on the summer showcase circuit in the leadup to his senior mlb chats of high school, so we want to see him do it in games that count before he will crack a Top Cooper: Yes. The Cardinals and Yankees did not have instructional league, so we have less info on how their players performed against other teams mlb chats we do for the other 28 clubs.

Cooper: Absolutely. And there will be players who have either not developed or have seen others catch and pass them over the past 18 months. We have to make sure we do not over-react to snippets of mlb chats, but by the time we get 60 games into a minor league season this year, we will know things we cannot know yet. Josh Norris: For next year's No.

Assuming some semblance of normalcy, I'd guess either Adley Rutschman or Julio Rodriguez will take that title once Wander Franco graduates to the major leagues for good. Josh Norris: I can't speak to his legal issues, so I won't, but his tools are absolutely some of the louder ones in the game.

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Gut reaction, he probably wouldn't be in the Top 10 overall without an absolutely mlb chats season, but he could get into the Top Cooper: Hey everyone. I am going to step aside as Josh Norris steps to the plate. Max Meyer. I adore his arsenal and think he could mlb chats obscenely quickly through the minors with a chance to help the Marlins down the stretch if they're in the hunt. Having done the Giants system, I would think Matos would be the closest to consideration if they do what they're capable of this season.

Josh Norris: I do not expect he will move that quickly. It's very difficult to get a sense of where a guy will break camp in or when, franklybecause each team is going to evaluate their alt-site experience differently. If they don't believe a player can help them in the big leagues in the early season, there's not a whole lot of impetus to bring them in early and take a spot that could be used by someone who could provide 4A type of depth. That's especially true if there's going to be some type of cap on how many players can be in ST at one time.