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Elena is a passionate blogger who shares about lifestyle tips on Lifehack. Read full profile. When you love someone, you want to be as connected to them as possible, espeacially in times when you are set miles apart for some reason.

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Texting can be a fun way to stay connected, especially for couples who are in a long-distance relationship. Texting games for couples are games that can be played through text messages on the phone or any other messaging platform.

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These games allow you to flirt, share your secrets with each other, and provide you both with a good laugh. In this MomJunction post, we present a list of 30 best texting games for couples, who enjoy having fun while texting.

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It is an amazing game to stimulate creativity in both partners. The game is about creating a story, sentence by sentence until you bring it to a logical end. The story should have a definite beginning and end. Before beginning the game, you can agree upon having plot twists or any other features in the texting game as per your preferences. Stick to revealing secrets that you are certain are unknown by your partner.

You can choose a certain type of secrets, like about habits or dietary preferences, or keep it general. Stick to objects and items within the house. It will make it easier for your partner to guess the answer.

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Have some heart to heart talk with this texting game. Ask your partner about the one thing that they would like to change in their life. Pick a genre or aspect of life and stick to questions about it. You give three names to your partner, and they have to tell whom they would kiss, marry, or kill.

The game is about eliciting funny responses from one another. You need to pick the names of three people in every text. Therefore, you can set a rule that you will pick people from a specific stream or genre. For instance, you will pick only actors or sportspersons, and so on.

Be sure to practice writing words in reverse so that you get the most out of the game.

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This text game is likely to leave the couple laughing. If you and your partner have a penchant for rhymes, then you are likely to find this game immensely entertaining. You text a sentence, and your partner is supposed to reply with a sentence that rhymes with at least the last word of your sentence. You describe the surroundings to your partner, and they guess the place you are located.

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It is a great text game to play when your partner is traveling or is temporarily staying away from you. Instead, you provide a general description of your surroundings and ambiance. You can also provide as many descriptions as possible. Texting these days is not just about letters, but also about communicating through emojis. In this texting game, the name of the movie is shared using an emoji, and the other person has to guess it.

The name of the movie should be in the emojis that best describe the film. The use of words is not allowed except while discussing and revealing the answer. You can set a rule that the blank is filled with relevant words and not some random word.

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However, you can also set a rule that the blank needs to be filled with a word that renders that sentence phone chat for couples. Choose a rule that works the best for you and your partner. Choose the usual riddles, or you can only stick to riddles that describe your relationship and one another.

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Create imaginary situations that are relevant to you both and the one to which you both can relate. It will help get some funny answers. It is a texting game for couples who love speed texting and enjoy receiving quick answers. Text a word or phrase to your partner, and they are supposed to answer as quickly as possible. The game mostly involves sending single words or short phrases. Pick them according to what you and your partner are likely to find easy to understand.

You give your partner a situation and two options or choices, and they need to pick one.

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It is a nice game for couples who are still trying to understand one another. Provide two options or alternatives in a sentence, and your partner should pick the one that they prefer. But creating your own abbreviations can be more fun than these. This game lets you create abbreviations and share them with your partner.

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Create abbreviations from sentences that are likely to be easily guessed by your partner. You can pick things that you would have already said to your partner once. It makes for a great pass time over texting.

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The phone chat for couples is limited to asking 20 questions. Also, the questions should be such that the other person can only answer them with a Yes or No. If a couple has been in a relationship for a long time, then this texting game will be great fun. It lets you reminisce about some of your special moments together.

Choose a certain of questions and send them across to one another. Give one another a fixed time to answer the questions. You can pick situations that are funny or something related to current affairs.

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When picking the latter, the game tests your general knowledge, and it can be fun for many couples. It is a simple, yet fun texting game for couples. Scramble the letters of words and text them to your partner.

Begin with simple words first, like four-letter words. Increase the difficulty level gradually by increasing the of letters in a word. If you are a music buff, and so is your partner, then you both are likely to enjoy this game where you guess songs by sharing a few lines from its lyrics. Choose how many lines you would share from the lyrics of a song.

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If you both have strong knowledge of songs, then you can limit it to three lines. Otherwise, stick to no more than five lines of a song. Also, no Googling allowed. There is no definite rule or limit to the kind of situations you can create. You could give preference to creating situations that your partner is most likely to find relatable.

You text a word, and your partner is supposed to text a word beginning with the last letter of your word. It is then your turn to make the phone chat for couples with the last letter, and the game goes on. Pick a genre to choose names.

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For instance, you can decide that you will only pick the names of actors, cars, or something intimate between you two. Selecting a genre adds challenge and also makes the game fun. The game is simple and works like a texting version of dumb charades. You can alter the of sentences that you wish to use. However, to keep the game challenging enough, do not go over four sentences. It is best to pick films that you have seen together or those your partner knows.

There are multiple ways to play this texting game. You can pick synonyms, words that end with the same two or three letters, or homophones that have the same pronunciation but different spelling and meanings.

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