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Napa Valley Grape Info A Vertical Tasting of Nalle Zinfandels. Bob's Paris Notes Updated Spring 2 Wine Writer's Confession.

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Info For Brokers and Wine Distributors. Mainly for Foreign Vintners.

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Gerald's Tour de France Grape Goddess. Ross Bruce Birthday. Because: The world is going to hell in a hand-basket, ain't it? We update this periodically as warranted, so check back, won't you, please? These days there is plenty of information and misinformation about wine, so for many people, determining which "experts" actually know their subject and which are bluffers is tricky.

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As you might notice in the headline of the posting about age-worthy Italian whites, the article begins with a misspelling of the word "varieties," an inauspicious start. We have winemaker friends in Italy who make the case, and often eloquently, for the cellar-worthiness of some of their white wines.

And this concept is lost on many critics who claim to be expertly able to calculate a numerical score indicating the quality of a bottle of wine. One of the in their determination of assessing the attributes of any wine they are rating is its ability to age, since for some people a wine which is immediately drinkable is to some degree viewed as a flaw. Visiting wineries in Europe, we've periodically been shown white wines from an undisclosed vintage and asked to hazard a guess as to the age of the wine.

On one occasion someone asked how well a Loire Valley Chenin Blanc might age The wine was still in good condition and showed no s of oxidation, despite being more than 50 years of age! The winemaker told us "Now you know why I can't tell you how long a life span my wine might have. Surely no wine critic views such wines as having the ability to age handsomely and so these wines do not get credit for being as cellar-worthy as a tannic Cabernet. So, yes, some white wines can age quite remarkably even if we don't buy them with the idea of leaving them in the cellar for several decades.

In her article suggesting the cellar-worthiness of several Italian white wines, author Laura Donadoni correctly cites acidity as giving these white wines the ability to age well. A bit of editing to polish the article would certainly be helpful here. The most curious statement in her article, though, sat 6pm dark haired bordeaux chat random in describing the character of White Burgundy. I guess you might say I am floored by that notion! Posted January Sat 6pm dark haired bordeaux chat random someone explained to us recently, these publications don't invest in editors, relying on writers we shouldn't call them journalists, should we?

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A posting by John Mariani in January of had some remarkable sloppiness. Mariani touts the famous Sagrantino bottling "25 Anni" of Arnaldo Caprai.

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The vintage he writes about is which he tells readers in the year " The vintage was aged 10 years and it's available in the year ??? Mariani then suggests a lovely, entry-level Barbera from Piemonte's Vietti winery in northern Italy.

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Many people interpret the term "cru" to ify a noteworthy sub-zone or vineyard site when it comes to Italian wines. On Barolo labels, for example, you might see Cannubi or Villero on particular bottlings to indicate a more precise and, hopefully, special vineyard area. Vietti makes a handful of Barbera bottlings, with their "cru" wines being labeled as La Crena or Scarrone.

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Their "Tre Vigne" is not precisely a "cru" appellation as it comes from a of vineyards in the Asti region. And they make a Barbera d'Alba using the Tre Vigne notation. Mariani tells readers the wine was matured for a " A Sparkling wine from New Mexico's Gruet winery is recommended. Mariani's tasting note would lead readers to believe this comes from vineyards in New Mexico where the winery in located, but the wine carries the appellation of "American Sparkling Wine," not New Mexico.

We spoke with someone at the Gruet winery who explained that they now buy fruit or must, unfermented juice from California, Oregon and Washington, hence the "American" deation on the bottle. They do have a small production wine that does carry the New Mexico appellation: In our discussion with a Gruet winery staffer, we were told that "The United States doesn't have appellations.

An "AVA" is an appellation!

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The "Appellation" for most of Gruet's sparkling wines is "American. But the Gruet winery rep who answered the phone stuck by her guns: "Appellations are in Europe, not here. And, yes, they misspelled "Meunier. Back to the Mariani article As you can see, he may have nodded off watching whatever he was watching while writing that last sentence!

This sort of sloppiness seems to be "normal" these days, sadly.

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Boyd tells us that red wine lovers generally favor either Cabernet Sauvignon or Pinot Noir. Portugal's various indigenous grapes are not on the radar, while Malbec from Argentina and Tannat from Uruguay languish in obscurity despite making inro in today's wine market. Here's an interesting paragraph: Mr. How many are mentioned? We then learn that Pinot Noir has a short history here in California. Well, we see Boyd has misspelled the name of Agoston Haraszthy.

Reading the last sentence about "the end of the 19th century," one might think Haraszthy was actively bringing vines to California in the s.

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This would be quite a feat since the poor fellow died in ! In our view, "the midth century" would center on the yearso if you're generous, let's say through Hanzell and Beaulieu not "Beauleu" as written by Mr.

Boyd were active in the s. BV had been making Pinot Noir as far back as the s and perhaps even earlier. Hanzell's first vines, though, were planted inso those were truly early days for that winery. Villa Mount Eden, which was founded in the s, was selling grapes to BV through the s.

That property changed hands in and we believe their first vintage under the Villa Mount Eden label was in with Cabernet Sauvignon. Perhaps Mr. It has a long history of Pinot Noir production back to the days of the Martin Ray winery. At least "Tchelistcheff" is spelled correctly! Here's more sloppy writing: Yes, Chambertin is misspelled. You'd think a veteran wine writer would get this right.

We visit Burgundy from time to time and didn't realize the distance between Marsannay and Santenay was "little more than 80 miles. Boyd's "80 miles" is, in fact, 34 miles by car and 28 as the crow flies. At least Boyd suggests readers visit a good wine emporium and scope out some Pinots to see what they like.

It's a shame that an old-timer doesn't set a better example for younger eno-scribes in writing with clarity and precision. These days anyone can pose as an expert. And they do!

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Posted October For claiming to have "a song in every glass," we'd say the author can't carry a tune. Posted September In this article, the author spells the name of the winery on his blog as Domaine de Mastrot. After that, as you can see in the screenshot to the left, he calls the winery "Domaine de Martrot.

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We had not heard of this domaine, though we do know of the Meursault-based Domaine Matrot. It turns out that's whose wines he was citing in his posting! Sat 6pm dark haired bordeaux chat random mentions the two young ladies who are now actively running the estate, indicating they are the "daughters of seventh generation Thierry and Pascual sic Martrot sic. We then learn the grapes of Burgundy Sat 6pm dark haired bordeaux chat random small exception? He spells it Beaujalois! And the "one small exception" that had "a few Gamay vineyards grandfathered in" as this article claims, tallies to more than 44, acres of vineyards!

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That seems to us to be more than just "a few Gamay vineyards. Apparently the name of the wine region "Macon" has been changed to coincide with that of the French President, Monsieur Macron! The winery is repeatedly called "Domaine de Martrot," despite being simply Domaine Matrot. A photo of some of the bottles accompanies the article and it's easy to verify the spelling of the names of the wines and winery by simply having a look.

Here's a somewhat perplexing paragraph: Since Mother Nature created hardships Hence we tasted s??!! Is it a lack of spit bucket usage that causes such sloppy "journalism," or what? When a writer, blogger or journalist can't even correctly spell the name of the winery, how much credibility do they have with the audience?

Not much. Those areas don't have any wines bottled as IGTs.