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The objective of the lesson is to encourage students to read authentic English materials, to teach 8 new expressions and to promote speaking and discussion about the topic using the second conditional. In addition, students will need to practise paraphrasing and summarising. The lesson consists of a warm-up exercise and seven tasks.

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It is deed as a one-on-one lesson for intermediate to upper intermediate level adult students, but could easily be adapted for a group class. Ask the questions, encourage students to talk about their experiences and express their opinion. Then ask them to match the underlined expression with its definition from a-h, assist where necessary. Ask the student to read the article aloud to you. Give feedback and correction at the end of each talk 2 me.

The student may need to re-read the paragraph quietly in order to improve comprehension. Ask the simple comprehension questions. If the student does not remember the answer, they can look back at the article to find the answer. Ask the student to read the extract from the article. Then, get them to underline words in the sentence that could be replaced with a synonym without changing the meaning of the sentence.

Get them to write possible synonyms on the line underneath the word they have underlined.

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They should then try to write a new paraphrased sentence. Ask the student to read the article again. If they are viewing it in the Woodpecker app they can use the dictionary tools to check the definition of any words that they are still not sure of their meaning. Then, ask them to prepare a short summary of the text. If students are not familiar with how to summarise an articleit might be necessary to explain in more detail what this involves.

I suggest that the student spend a few minutes writing a brief summary and then read it out loud for correction and feedback.

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Quickly go over the grammar review. Give further examples concerning the hypothetical meaning of the second conditional. Encourage students to give their own examples to check for comprehension. Encourage the student to read and answer the questions using the second conditional, get them to explain why and expand their answers.

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Encourage the student to give their opinion and discuss the topic. If time, you can prepare a short debate with your student for questions 2 and 3. Click to view in Google Docs. Click to view the article.

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I recommend encouraging students to view the article in the Woodpecker app so they can use the built-in dictionary functions while reading. The free version of the app has 5 English language news websites where the dictionaries work for free, which gives teachers a huge amount of content to choose from when creating lessons or self-study activities.

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To view the article in the apptouch the main menu bar, then "News Reader" and copy paste the link into the URL bar:. This lesson plan started out as a quick conversation lesson based on a news article. However, it turned into a more structured talk 2 me with a variety of exercises to develop a talk 2 me of language skills and a grammar review.

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This is what I enjoy about creating lesson materials for my online students, you start out with a topic and then the lesson grows and develops on its own as you write. I hope that you and your students will find it useful. Please feel free to comment, I appreciate any feedback. Wednesday, 28 November Is it sensible to be sensible - Lesson plan and materials. To view talk 2 me article in the Woodpecker apptouch the main menu bar, then Web Browser and copy paste the link into the URL bar:.

How to choose and use a dictionary. Thursday, 22 November How to record a video of your android screen to create a video tutorial. Photo by Marten Bjork on Unsplash How to record a video of your android screen to create talk 2 me video tutorial. In this post, I'd like to share an app that I discovered this week that enables you to record the screen of your android phone in order to create quick and simple tutorial videos for your students.

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In general, it's easier to follow instructions combined with a visual demonstration, especially when it comes to using technology. I often recommend apps and websites to my students to enhance their learning experience, but some students find the process of using a new digital tool overwhelming. Over the last few weeks and talk 2 me postsI have created a of free downloadable lesson plans with materials that use the Woodpecker app. The need to describe in words, how to use the different functions for the different parts of the lessons and adding screenshots and written instructions to every lesson plan has made these lessons rather cumbersome.

Talk 2 me the past, I have used the free version of Screencast-O-Matic to make screencasts or digital recordings of my PC's screenbut I had never tried with my phone. Woodpecker is an app and doesn't have a Window's version. Therefore, I decided to do some research and discover whether it is possible to do the same thing with my phone.

I downloaded a of different apps and tried them out, the first two were almost identical Capture Recorder and Screen Recorder. They both appeared to be easy to use, but I was unable to find a way to visually show where I was touching on the screen in the video, so I installed a third app DU Recorder.

I found this the easiest app to use and it has an option talk 2 me use a brush to underline or draw an arrow to point to the function or word on the screen that you are referring to in the tutorial. Here's a quick video I made to demonstrate how to use the app :. And here is my first attempt of a video tutorial to demonstrate how to choose and use a dictionary in the Woodpecker app :.

Labels: Tips for teachersWoodpecker app - Lesson plans. Monday, 5 November Listening to s.

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Listening to s Photo by Stephen Dawson on Unsplash In today's post, I have created a lesson plan to review s and listening to s. My business students also have difficulties understanding s and figures when attending meetings and participating in conference calls.

Therefore, I hope this lesson will give them the opportunity to practise and improve their listening skills. The objective of this lesson is to firstly review how to say s and figures and secondly to develop the ability to listen to s. The lesson consists of a warm-up activity, vocabulary and grammar revision, a speaking exercise and a scaffolded listening exercise.

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Warm-up: A reading activity containing random facts about the UK. Students should read the text. Feedback and pronunciation correction should be given. The facts can also be discussed. Vocabulary and grammar review : Students read the information. At the end of each point, the teacher should highlight key information and then write additional examples for the student to practise in order to check comprehension e.

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This is not a reading activity, the more active this part is, the better-prepared students will be for the speaking and listening tasks. Task 1 : Say the s - Students need to read and pronounce the s correctly.

Task 2 : Listening - Students should watch the video without the transcript or talk 2 me. First, they should focus on understanding the main idea and then they should try to listen for details, listening and noting down the s that they hear. Task 3 : Complete the gaps - Students should watch the video again, this time completing the gaps with the correct s.

They can watch the video numerous times according to their need. They can also check their answers from Task 3. Click to view the lesson materials in Google Docs. Click to view the video in the Woodpecker app. Click to view the video on Youtube.

Using authentic English videos to review s is an excellent way to prepare students for tests and for real-life English. It takes practice and experience to develop listening skills, so creating lessons like this and setting homework tasks for students to work on using apps like Woodpecker is essential. I hope you and your students find this lesson useful. Older Posts Home. Subscribe to: Posts Atom.

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Photo by dylan nolte on Unsplash. Lesson materials.

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Lesson Materials. Photo by Marten Bjork on Unsplash. Photo by freestocks. English Jade - engVid.