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Sometimes we see something on the Internet that makes us feel uncomfortable. This can happen when we are playing a game on the Internet or someone sends you a bad picture on your cell phone. When something like this happens we need to tell an adult we trust.

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No one wanted to listen, and everyone wanted to yell. The stress and uncertainty can be overwhelming.

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Life is busy — you may have a partner, kids, a job, friends, sports team to follow, and TV shows that you just have to watch. In an ideal world, your parents would be a regular part of the mix, visiting them once a week or having lunch on a regular basis. But in reality, this is rarely the case.

When you visit, try not to text or check your phone while speaking to your parents.

Tips for talking to adults on the autism spectrum

By sharing information about your life, your parents will have a better understanding of the decisions you are making. You may even find that you have more in common than you thought. Do an activity that you both enjoy doing.

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It can be something from your childhood like cooking together, or it could be talk to an adult for a run or playing a puzzle. When your parents get older, you may be concerned about whether they can still live independently. When you visit, you may be tempted to check up on them — check the fridge for expired food, assess the cleanliness of the house — but your parents may feel that they are being criticised.

Try to enjoy the time with the time, ask about their week, and make fewer suggestions on what they should be doing.

Tips to help maintain lasting relationships with your parents

These discussions can be hard, so you may want to ask open-ended questions. But if you want to be treated as an adult, then you need to act like an adult. Your parents and your family are likely to bring you joy and frustration, but hopefully, these tips can help you to achieve a healthy and balanced relationship. MensLine Australia is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with professional counsellors providing information and support for all emotional health and relationship issues.

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Call us on 78 99 78 or register for online counselling. The first four weeks of being a new dad will be one of the scariest times of your life.

How can talking to an adult help?

D come in all shapes and sizes, as being a parent can sometimes lie with a less-traditional role-model. No parent ever wants to hear that their child is a victim of a bully. Here are some tips on how to be a good dad and help your kids through this difficult time by recognising bullying and helping put a stop to it without getting all Clint Eastwood about it.

Reflecting on their lives growing up as young fathers, Win and Steve understand the pressures of being a young and single father and want to raise awareness about the mental health issues of single d.

I’m an adult. talk to me like one.

The role of the father has shifted and changed over the years. In this series, we take a look at how fatherhood has changed over the years, with this article focusing on how d have changed their working arrangements.

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Here MensLine Australia explores the different ways children are impacted and often react to separation. Being separated from your family for an extended period of time can give rise to a of confusing and conflicting emotions. Here MensLine Australia explores these feelings, whilst giving advice on how to get through this stressful period in your life.

Talk to an adult you trust

Becoming a Father for the first time can be one of the happiest times in your life, it can also be a very emotional and confusing experience. Let MensLine Australia give you the right advice and support to make the most of this new change to your life, enjoying all that comes with it.

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Fatherhood has been the inspiration for some of the most iconic songs of all time. Check out this list of some of our favourite tributes to fathers of all types! But for many of us who have lost our father, this may be difficult time.

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Here we look at some tips and resources to help you keep the kids happy and learning. Sooner or later you r child is going to throw some sort of tantrum in public and everybody is going to look. Here Changing for Good looks at the importance of modelling respectful relationships, and how our relationships good or bad affect our children.

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All d want to be the best father they can. But it can be tough to know how to do this after separation. Here, Mensline Australia offers some parenting tips on how to be positive around your kids whilst dealing your own stuff, like anger, sadness and loneliness. Is Christmas the most expensive time of the year?

Kids learn social norms from us

As December rolls around, it may start to feel that way. Between buying gifts, going out to parties, and entertaining, the financial pressure starts to add up!

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There are many benefits to working from home, as well as some pitfalls. Here we look at some of the challenges and how to stay on top of working from home. As teenagers go through developmental changes, they often feel like no one understands them, especially their parents.

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Lets look at some ways new fathers can avoid social isolation with a newborn. Perhaps you too notice differences between the way you were raised and the way you are raising your child?

Kids learn language from us

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Q: who is an adult you trust?

The challenge of change March How counselling can help with anger management Be a good dad — help your kids overcome bullying February Exercise the body for emotional wellbeing Relationship goals! Day July Relating queuing theory to everyday life June Managing trigger events May Decision making principles January Why kids just need your time and attention.

Mensline Nov Share something about your life By sharing information about your life, your parents will have a better understanding of the decisions you are making. Do what you love together Do an activity that you both enjoy doing.

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