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in. As someone who is ac t ive in the Japanese fashion community in England and who watches slightly more anime than the average English youth, I have been called a weeb more than once in my life.

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Top definition. A person who retains an unhealthy obsession with Japan and Japanese culturetypically ignoring or even shunning their own racial and cultural identity. Many weeaboos talk in butchered Japanese with the 8 or so words they know i.

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Get Help Now! Weeaboo is a mostly derogatory slang term for a Western person who is obsessed with Japanese culture, especially anime, often regarding it as superior to all other cultures. The word weeaboo came about as a alternative for the term Wapanesea blend of white or wannabe with Japanese.

What is the meaning of weeaboo or weeb?

Wapanese was used extensively on the website weeaboo talk in the early s to insult white people who were deemed overly fond of and biased towards Japanese culture, particularly popular exports like anime, manga, and hentai. The abusive term was added to the online Racial Slur Database in Weeaboo talk to Know Your Meme, Wapanese peaked inprompting 4chan moderators to apply a special filter replacing all instances of Wapanese with, arbitrarily, weeaboo.

The term weeaboo was coined as a nonsense word without any particular meaning in the comic The Perry Bible Fellowship.

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Thanks to the word filter, weeaboo took on its current meaning in and has spread outward from 4chan to other websites. Weeaboooften shortened to weebis especially used in anime and manga communities to stereotype fans who show a set of extreme and obnoxious characteristics.

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In addition to consuming Japanese comics, cartoons, and video games, weeaboos might sprinkle their speech with Japanese words, often using them incorrectly. Weeaboos idolize Japanese food and people, and culture, though their knowledge of Japanese society itself may actually be shallow and superficial. They also may consider all other cultures, not least their own, less interesting or worthwhile, and wish they were Japanese.

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Weeaboo has mostly been, since its origins, a derisive word, in spite of the fact that it began as a replacement for another term of censure, Wapanese. Some regard weeaboos as embarrassing.

Others also regard being a weeaboo as a form of cultural appropriation or fetishization, reducing a whole people to a few aspects of its popular culture. Despite these negative perceptions, some people have reclaimed weeaboo as a positive label, self-identifying, sometimes in a self-deprecating way, as a weeaboo.

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Other people may embrace weeaboo without realizing its negative connotations. A similar but much more neutral term is Japanophile.


A Japanophile has a high degree of appreciation for Japanese culture. The terms can be used as synonyms, but often a Japanophile has a broader, more informed interest in Japanese culture whereas a weeaboo has a specific focus on popular culture.

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Another similar term is otaku. Otaku is a Japanese word that means roughly the same thing as English geekthough otaku in Japanese can be more negative than geek. It refers to someone with an obsessive interest in some hobby, activity, or subculture.

The real reason that the english-speaking world hates ‘weeaboos’ — attitudes to language

By contrast, weeaboo talk many American users at least, otaku refers to a passionate fan of anime and manga exclusively. Otaku is less pejorative than its meaning in Japanese and is sometimes used interchangeably with weeaboo.

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This is not meant to be a formal definition of weeaboo like most terms we define on Dictionary. Word we want all the smok Next Word weeb. Examples Origin Usage.

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Slang dictionary weeaboo or weeb What does weeaboo mean? What's hot.

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Where does weeaboo come from? I'll make room for y'all on the weeaboo bandwagon.

Am i a weeaboo? what does weeaboo mean anyway?

Popular now. Who uses weeaboo? Note This is not meant to be a formal definition of weeaboo like most terms we define on Dictionary. Redefine your inbox with Dictionary.

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