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I hunting for friend who what to chat and have coffee chatroulete

Though cafes, campuses and offices are closed for the time being digital coffee meetings can provide all the same benefits as the in-person experience. Especially in a challenging job market, building a strong network is more important than ever.

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View all. Register In. Here's a hiring secret: When there are multiple applicants with the same qualifications, managers might pick the candidate who seems more fun to hang out with. The same goes for promotions.

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We would both wake up extra early, forgo what to chat and have coffee morning workout and meet up at a little coffee shop in downtown in our fancy work attire. She was an attorney, and I was a PR manager, so we were decked out in heels and each had several bags in tow to make it through our respective long days. We would usually only have about 30 minutes to spend together, but it was something that we both looked forward to every single week. It was time to chat. When you sit across from someone with a hot beverage in your hand, as the caffeine begins to kick in, you just start spewing your deep thoughts, even in the wee early morning hours.

And these meetings were always a great time to bring up things to discuss that we both had to push to the back-burner of our thoughts during a busy workday. This past year of regular blogging has been nothing short of amazing.

So what exactly is a coffee chat?

Group fitness and going for it. I had no idea the turns my life would take, and that even after getting married and moving across the country, one day I would be a personal trainer working in fitness, no longer in a PR agency full-time job. Seeking perfection and falling short. Finding comfort outsize the city.

And if you need a ride? Okay, friends, I hope you what to chat and have coffee our little chat. Do you have a ritual with a friend, family member or ificant other that you look forward to? What would you want to chat with me about over coffee? And you'll get new posts by.

Just you and me: let’s have a chat over coffee

I'm a mom and fitness instructor in Charlotte, North Carolina. And A Lady Goes West is where I share fitness, wellness and clean beauty tips, as well as stories from my life. Stay in touch Sometimes you have a lot to say, sometimes not so much, but just the option of it is so important! Thank you for sharing your coffee with us!

Now it is time to go refresh my mug! Hi Susie! I miss coffee dates, and I need to start them up again. Hope you have a wonderful Thursday! I am having some mixed feelings about moving outside of the city, but I have a feeling I will end up feeling really comfortable there.

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It also took me a long time to start a blog, but I was so glad once I did! Hi Lisa!

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I think the thrill of your new house will help you feel comfortable in your new spot. What a fun weekly tradition. I Just love that you guys did that.

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Heather Fit n Cookies recently posted… Getting out of a food rut. Hi Heather! Maybe you can do FaceTime coffee dates? Happy Thursday! Aw I love standing coffee dates! As I got older they morphed into playdates for our kids and that was fun too.

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Now that our kids are in different schools the playdates are over and getting together is hit or miss. It takes effort to maintain friendships over time for sure. Hi Marcia! Yes, it does take effort to maintain friendships as you get older, and I can only imagine how that changes after. Be careful on your bike! And I do really like this idea a lot. I am not a big go out to lunch girl, so coffee dates are more my speed and I think I will suggest this to a couple friends. Hi Courtney! I hope somebody will take you up on it. And if not, your virtual coffee date is right here, my friend!

I used to have standing happy hours with a few girlfriends. Time to bring that back! Hi Katie! Hope you have something fun on the agenda with your friends soon! We always had monthly meetings that I really looked forward too, especially when our husbands were deployed! We are moving this year to Japan, so I know I will have that again soon.

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I have read, and re-read your posts about them multiple times, but I just want to hear about them! Mostly my excuses are my 3 children, one of which is 2 years old. Hi Melissa! I have a friend who lived in Japan for a couple of years teaching English and is finally coming back to the U. I believe she enjoyed it, but it was very expensive there. I will answer ANY questions you have, but I encourage you to try to find the time to attend and soak it all up! And martial arts classes? Maybe you can do that in Japan?? Hope you enjoyed your coffee. Great post Ashley! I love hearing your thoughts on blogging, as someone who is four months in.

Talk about major payoff. And honestly, I would way rather spend the time researching, writing, and meeting people than watching Netflix or reading magazines. Hi Jill! Totally agree!

9 reasons coffee is the best first date idea

Yes we doooo!!! I would love that! Hi Erin! Every morning, my best friend and I start off our day withe exercise! A lot of the time though, it ends up with us just walking on treadmills near each other and chatting about our days. It is so special to us, and I love it. It helps me get out of bed every morning, because I know I get to spend time with her! Hi Julia! That is so amazing you have a friend to meet you in the morning for workouts. What a great way to spend time together and stay motivated.

Keep it up! And Happy Thursday to you! I absolutely loved this post!! My two rituals are having lunch brought from home with a friend that works for the same company but in a different building a few times a week and taking walks or doing a strength training work out with another friend once a week to get caught up on life and to get in a work out at the same time. Hi Catherine!

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Oh how neat that you have a friend at work that you can meet up with for lunch sometimes. As well as a workout friend for your strength sessions and walking. I love it! Say hi to your lunch or workout date for me! I have a standing walking date with a friend every Saturday morning, and if I have to miss it for reason I nearly go crazy.

Thanks for sharing! Hi Carissa! That sounds like a relaxing, yet, healthy time to catch up with a pal each week. Wonderful post. I started it just to get some thoughts out that I have trouble expressing. I never thought I would get back so much more than that.