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Greece tours take you to a country of phenomenal cultural, historical heritage, amazing coastlines and remarkable beauty. Greece has over 2, islands, innumerable beaches and over days of sunshine per year, so it is no wonder it is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world. Trip Style: Classic, Island Hopper.

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So, you are planning a trip to Greece — or you may have travelled to Greece a few times. Even better, you realized that you like this country so much, that moving here felt like a great idea.

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Learn these basic words and phrases and it won't be all Greek to you.

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On the to-do list: Dust off your camera to capture the awe-inspiring ruins and dazzling cliffside sunsets, find the perfect island-hopping outfits for stylish Instagram snaps in front of white-washed houses draped with bougainvillea, and prepare yourself to come back a few pounds heavier from all the feta and haloumi doused in olive oil that will surely be eaten at many a quaint taverna.

Even though Greece is a popular tourist destination, few people consider trying to learn Greek as part of their travels.

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Related: More travel tips. The culprit is likely the Greek alphabet.

Basic greek words, phrases, and slang to learn before you go to greece

Unlike the Latin alphabet of romance languages, Greek letters are indecipherable for English speakers, making the language more difficult to learn than Romance languages such as Spanish, Italian, and French. We actually found that many of our users pick up Duolingo after a trip, likely because they are inspired by their travels to pick up a new language. So get ahead of the curve and try to learn some common phrases and even a little What to chat and have greece slang before you go. We assure you that attempting and even butchering the most basic of phrases with locals will make the trip more memorable — and perhaps even lead to a lasting friendship.

Where to travel in greece and what to do?

Use Google Translate to play an audio of how these phrases are pronounced. How are you? What is your name? Be careful not to confuse yes and no — it's easy to mistakenly associate "neh" with "no" in English, and "oh-hee" with "okay" when in fact it's just the opposite!

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An easy mnemonic is to remember that they're actually the inverse of what you would initially think. Say this to get someone's attention, ask to pass by someone, or apologize if you've bumped into someone. Where is the bathroom? Helpful hint: "Poh-EE-nay" means "Where is?

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Do you speak English? This literally means "To our health!

Learn about greece

Bottoms up! Meaning literally "white bottom," if you use this with a new Greek acquaintance, you'll be sure to impress. How much is it? Adding the "af-TOH" just means "How much is it? If there's one Greek word you may have heard before, it's likely "opa.

For example, when you've thoroughly impressed your waiter with your new Greek skills, and he offers you a round of ouzo shots on the house, you can say, "Opa! What are you up to? Although this is technically a curse word, you'll hear everyone using it colloquially to address friends. But only use it on someone you know!

Greece island hopping tours

By Karen I. Chen Updated October 20, Save Pin FB ellipsis More. My name is You may hear people ending their conversations with this phrase as well. Share options. All rights reserved.

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