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Your birth chart, also known as an astrology or natal chart, is a map to the placement of the planets at the exact moment you were born. It holds the key to your unique life path and personality.

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Chances are you know a thing or two about your zodiac. You also have a moon representing your emotionsa rising which controls your first impressionsand a whole house system to unpack. In order to discern your exact astrology ID, you need a birth chart.

Name: Lindsay
Years: 60
Ethnicity: I was born in Bolivia
Tone of my eyes: I’ve got bright gray-green eyes
I like to listen: Electronic
What is my hobbies: Mountain climbing
I like piercing: None
Smoker: No

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So, you read your horoscope regularly, you know your own backward and forward, and you've even dipped a toe into astrological compatibility. If you ask us, it's high time you got your birth chart drawn up.

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This astrological rite of passage can be handled online or one-on-one with an astrologer for a pricebut however you have it calculated, the info should remain the same — exactly where the sun, moon, and planets were placed in the sky at the moment of your birth. While horoscopes, tarot readingsor other forms of divination work best when you have a question in mind, a birth chart is much more thorough and doesn't require any particular query.

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Belgrave said to think of it as a snapshot of all the directions your life could zodiac chat "Within the natal chart you can see personality, drives, fears, parental relationships, siblings, children, psychological patterns, and more on one sheet of paper. We spoke with astrologer Janelle Belgrave about how to figure out birth charts or "soul maps," as she calls themand what makes them so meaningful.

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Three Black women share how Black history, plant-based medicine, and building community through weed can lead us to our liberation. As stigma surrounding non-Christian spiritual practices fades, Black and brown women are reclaiming divination as a tool for self-healing.

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To call a dumpster fire would be an understatement. Zodiac chat global pandemic, social uprising, and blistering election season all at the same time?

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Not exact. Surrounded by piles of overripe fruit in their Brooklyn backyard, Afro-Dominican twins Dr. Miguelina Rodriguez and Dr. Griselda Rodriguez-Solomon clasp the.